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…shelve It

By Zer @the2women
…shelve it what?

Faithful followers will know of the Crusade’s on-going mourning over the slow and painful demise of the actually printed word.

While we may still be clinging to our bound literature with a vengeance it seems that many have embraced the slightly less-tangible e-book.

Sadly, in our bereaved state it seems we may have over-looked another victim of the digital age–the bookshelf.

Because what other possible use could we have for this so aptly named piece of furniture?

If not for books then what role will it play in our lives?

While this collateral damage may have gone unnoticed by these bookworms, it has been adapted for the modern shelf user by those within its own industry.

The reincarnation of this once tome confined apparatus has deeper shelves for storage of other shelf-dwelling items…as if there were any.

I mean really, what else do people keep on shelves?

Oh that’s right, all the other non-book items that we own.

While I can appreciate the grief over the loss of the appropriateness of its name, somehow I think the bookshelf will live on (with or without deeper shelves).

However, if you find this shift in function truly confusing I suppose we could rename the bookcase for a modern age.

How about the shelf formerly known as the bookshelf?  It’s a little wordy, but it’ll work.


“Unintended Consequences of E-Books’ Crazy Popularity”: The Atlantic Wire 

…bi-daily smile…

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