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Sheesham Wood Vs Teak Wood: 5 Key Parameters to Consider

By Kravelv

Just rebuilt your house or purchased a new one and are perplexed about the furniture? Need to know which wood will be the best between Sheesham and Teak? Well, don’t worry then as we will enlighten you with some information about the Sheesham wood and Teak wood in this post.

It is very tough to select from the hardwood types which are available in the market as they all have similar characteristics and people don’t have the right information about them. 

Sheesham wood vs Teak wood is the most frequently asked question that leaves people muddled so if you are one of them then read the post and you will figure it out. The following are the key features one should look forward to in choosing the wood type.

Sheesham wood vs Teak wood: 5 Key Parameters to Consider

1. Texture

The major difference between both the wood types is their structure. Sheesham has a very unique natural-looking surface. Teak wood is famous for its rough surface giving slightly dark yellow texture. Sheesham wood looks shiny bright and polished. If the need for solid color arises, don’t worry, Teak wood takes the job of providing that.

2. Water & Termite Resistance

Sheesham has a high amount of water in it. So, it is possible to bent it up to a certain amount with visible markings. However, this way it is also open to moisture damages.

Teak Wood, on the other side, has a greater amount of natural oils in it. This makes Teak resist moisture, fungi and even garden pest. Due to this feature, Teak Wood is more suited for external furnishing compared to Sheesham. So, in terms of Water and termite Resistance, Teak Wood comes out stronger than Sheesham Wood.

3. Weight

Teak has a denser texture and hence its heavier. This is the reason it is preferred over Sheesham in furniture. Just for small handicrafts work, Sheesham is used.

4. Durability

Teak wood due to its higher density and being a water-resistant material is considered more durable. Sheesham is prone to moisture because of higher water content. So, Teak gets the point here.

5. Cost

Due to termite resistivity, water resistivity, higher tensile strength, and durability, teak is more expensive and makes you raise your budget a bit. If you are looking for cost-effective wood, go for Sheesham and if money is not an issue, Teak will serve the best.

As we can see, Teak wood is more dominating in most of the aspects, but yes, we cannot deny the fact the cost is something that everyone needs to consider. Henceforth, these were the Sheesham wood vs Teak wood comparisons. Both of them are special in their respective areas. It is now our personal choice that makes the perfect combination for us!

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