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Sheep Killed, Punched, Stomped On, and Cut for Wool

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

Source:  PETA Video Exposé

Animal cruelty measures human disrespect for other sentient beings.

Sheep Killed, Punched, Stomped on, and Cut for Wool“PETA’s video exposé highlights just some of the cruelty observed in all 19 shearing sheds visited by investigators, who documented 70 workers employed by nine shearing contractors who abused sheep in Victoria and New South Wales—Australia’s top wool-producing states—and South Australia. Annually, these contractors’ workers may shear a total of more than 4 million sheep.

“In the U.S., PETA’s investigator documented workers’ abuse and neglect of sheep at 14 ranches across Wyoming—the country’s second-leading wool producer—as well as Colorado and Nebraska. In 2013, 3.7 million sheep were shorn in the U.S.

“Sheep are deprived of food and water before being sheared, in part so that they’ll feel weak and put up minimal resistance. As one shearer explained, “Imagine if someone attacked you after … you’d been starved for 24 hours—you wouldn’t have much of a fight.”

“But when these prey animals panicked—terrified of being pinned down—the shearers stomped and stood on their heads and necks. Workers threw scared sheep around and slammed their heads and bodies against hard wooden floors.”

Source:  PETA Video Exposé

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