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She Started It!

By Desiree68 @pullyoursocksup
We're going viral baby.
Oh yesssssssssss.
It must be done.
She Started It!  The seed was planted...
She Started It! ... when Melanie of Bag and A Beret found herself in a tangle of autumn leaves and tulle clutching her hot cuppa.
Thus Non-Twee Style was born.
She Started It! Sarah Misfit was so inspired, she created her own version of Non-Twee Tulle and Tea.
The seed was sown and grown.
I pee'd my pants.
She Started It! Then Curtise of The Secondhand Years added sparkle and feathers with a version of her very own.
I'm having my very own brain explosion.
She Started It! A handmade cup and headpiece made by Helga von Trollop's fair hands accessorise her incredible royal blue tulle petticoat.
I'm stomping with joy!
She Started It! All around the world we're making Non-Twee Style our very own.
Vintage Bird Girl never ever fails to impress me with the incredible selection of green in her wardrobe.
She just raised the bar.
She Started It! Tulle tutu and earrings - thrifted Catsuit - Black Milk Join the revolution! Baci, Desiree xo

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