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"She's Fine, Like Wine, She Drinks It All the Time" - Dennis Finch

By Sassarella Says @cnigara
Things I've Been Thinking About This Week:
1. Rings. Yup, that's right, the jewelry. One of the first things I notice about a man is whether or not he is wearing a ring. Whether I'm at work, the gym, in the grocery store, or at a bar, I always take a glance at that very important left ring finger. I either find what I'm looking for aka an empty hand or there is a nice silver, gold, or platinum band sitting pretty. Unfortunately, I've learned that men actually take their rings off and chat you up like a single man but what happens when other fingers come into play? Like what does it mean when a man wears a ring on his right ring finger? I heard a rumor it mean that he bats for the other team but I've never actually asked a gay man if that is true. Is it?
2. Starbucks. I spend a decent amount of time at Starbucks and in the middle of the day you see a lot of people "meeting up" as opposed to running in for coffee and getting out. Other than when I'm writing or running in for coffee, the only other time I usually spend at Starbucks is to meet someone new. For instance, I met a woman in DC for a job interview at a Starbucks, I met my cousin's friend in California at a Starbucks to talk about her career, and I've even met some men there for first date kinda things. Where did people meet up before Starbucks dominated life?
3. Twitter & Facebook are weird. I think people tend to categorize the Book and Twit as the same thing and the truth is that they are completely different. Twitter is used as a stream of consciousness and any little thought you might have goes up there. Facebook, on the other hand, has more content, more to look at, etc but isn't meant to showcase every little detail of your day or your thoughts. My mom and I have been talking about this a lot this week because we are still getting to know how to use Twitter. However, there are two things that are never kosher to do on either site: expose yourself sexually or broadcast deep and dark emotions. It screams I need attention, it's passive aggressive, it's unhealthy, and it's a really big turn off. If you have something that important to say, say it to the person or write a g.d. blog. (Click the links to follow me on Twitter and to "Like" my fan page on Facebook)
4. My potentially non-existent future children. I can't remember why or how but Lauren and I were discussing whether my children, who might not ever exist, would be like little robots or completely wild. On one hand, if I do have little brats they will be so well-behaved because Mommy has no patience. They will know the look of death and the tone of fury that means STFU and sit down. However, on the other hand, I could be more like "yeah whatever, I don't care" in which case they will be nut job children. OR I could fall madly in love with a man and decide that having children would make the little perfect picture complete and I'll be the bestest mommy in da whole damn world. And I'm just saying for the record that there won't be any Little Christie's running around....only boys.
5. The make-out sesh. There are the sessions that are wrong from the start. From the first touch, it just feels terrible and tastes badly. And what usually makes it worse is that you could've guessed that it was going to be that way. There's the one with your friend that changes everything. There's the one that you don't want to end. Then there's the one that's going somewhere which is either terrifying or too exciting for words. There's the one that you want to end and then there's the drunk one. And finally there's the one that starts one way and ends another. Sometimes they start off great but end with a dud and vice versa. Either way, does anyone want to make-out? You know how to reach me.
6. Sprite. I have no idea why but the fact that an attractive guy came into Nonna's for lunch and was drinking Sprite really threw me off. It seems like a kid drink and I was not feeling it. I actually had the thought that if our dalliance ever occurred that it was something I would have to look past. His Sprite drinking habits is not a deal-breaker but still, why did I think that was so weird?
As you can see, I've had some intense and meaningful thoughts going on this week. I mean, this is some really heavy stuff right here and I hope you can handle it. Anyway, enjoy your weekends, ma dudes! Mine is shaping up to be absolutely freakin' fantastic!
Sassarella Says...sometimes you just gotta get stuff off your chest.This gets me every time.

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