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Shas Wants to Fire Rabbi Not Affiliated with Them

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
oy, Shas, Shas, Shas. We are already getting a preview of what Shas does when in government. They get rid of people not connected to them, in the ministries they control, and put in their own people. Isn't that what being in government is all about?
In Bet Shemesh, Rav Shimon Biton has been serving as Chief Rabbi for many years. He is well-liked among the city's residents, regardless of religious status and affiliation. (personally I have no direct connection to Rav Biton, though I have heard him speak a few times).
Yet because Rav Biton, a sefardi and haredi rav, is not affiliated with Shas, Shas has decided they want to force him out of his position so they can appoint a Shas-affiliated rabbi in his place.
They are trying to use an old law from 1975 that says a rav over 80 cannot continue in his position. The rule, it seems, has only limited new rabbis from being appointed if they were already over 80, but rabbonim already in their posts from before the law were (pun intended) grandfathered in. Rav Biton has been in his position since a time before the law took effect, though it only became official after..
They want to appoint Rav Shlomo ben Ezra, whom I do not know but am sure he is probably a wonderful person and rabbi, though in the Kikar article it seems some people think he is not qualified for this specific position. Rabbi Ben Ezra just happens to be affiliated with Shas.
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