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By Mikebuonaiuto @videographer88


So last week we launched something a little bit exciting. World… I give you – a place for creative people who want to change the world.

A little over a year ago we launched Shape History in BETA, and it’s been a year in the making of testing, poking and prodding.

Think of Shape History as the matchmaker. We wanted something that would allow Creatives around the world to build their audience with high-profile projects, generate funding for production costs and grow their networks with access to global talent. All whilst doing their bit to change the world.

We believe that you can change the world using creativity and also have fun at the same time and want to see global creatives work together on issues; creating content that touches millions and helps connect them with the people who matter along the way.

Essentially the next few months are about growing as much as we can with the best talent, so feel free to share the site with your creative friends. The bigger the network the bigger the projects can be.

The exciting next stage will involve an incentive program for Corporate Responsibility and Charities to join as Partners. This will reward them with not only exposure from kick-ass creative campaigns, but also essential audience data and direct funding call to actions, that will help shape future initiatives that improve the lives of the millions of people these organisations support.

So check it out… I’d love to know what you think

It’s a tool made for people just like you!

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