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Shannon Lee Wolf Got Caught Again And She Is Still A Liar!

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

I Hate People Who Continue To Lie Just To Cover Their Tracks, Yet They Only Lie To Themselves As It Is A Sickness. Here Shannon Lee Wolf Goes Again Posting Lies On Her Facebook Page:

“Well apparently all on my list but one were by the original author…and this author discovered that this other person had plagiarized their work, and who had claimed that it was their own material”.

I Do Not Understand What The Purpose Of Her Lying About Me Trying To Claim Someone Else’s Work. But I Never Did Understand The Mentality Of Trash. She Got Caught Up In Her Own Bullshit Like Many Perpetrators Do And Will Not Own Up To It Because She Felt Stupid.

She Cannot Fool Everybody. And She Could Not Put One Over On Me. I See Right Through Her, I See Her For What She Really Is. People Like Her Will Always Exist, Not Knowledgeable Enough Or Equip In The Mind And With Much Dirt In Their Past. (This Is Simply Just A War Against Good And Evil And I Won So Get Over It Shannon!)

So To Compensate They Go After Authentic People To Attack With Their Inferiority Complex. But Then A Lot Of The Trash Always Think And Try To Be More Than What They Are. So I’ll Just Let The Bitch Live In Her Fantasy World With Plenty Of Others That Are In Her Same Category.

Here Is Shannon Lee Wolf’s Facebook Notice. I Check On Her Because The Bitch Visits My Site From Time To Time And I Have It On Record From Mail And Statcounter Details So She Can Continue To Lie About That Too If She Wants To But As Always I Have Proof To Back Up My “Real” Shit!

Why Does Shannon Still Follow My Blog? Why Does (Those In Particular) Trash Continue To Keep Tabs On Me? Because They Look For An Opportunity To Try To Destroy Me Because I Am A Good Honest Person Who Hates Them, Know What They Are All About, And I Will Not Stand For It.

I Do Not Care How Many Ignorant People That They Can Manipulate And Make Fall For Their Lies And Deceptions. They Cannot Trap Me And That Makes Me A Threat. People Who Listen To Them Are Not Worth Anything. People Of Value Will Always Know And See The Truth.

And This Is Nothing To Take Lightly. As This Is An Example Of  How The Trash Operate. They Seek To Tarnish People Like Me And When They Can’t They Move In For The Kill. I Am So Glad That I Have A Gift Or Else I Would Be In Serious Trouble So I Am Safe. But All They Do Is Lie And Many Of Them Do Believe In Their Own Lies. They Cannot And Will Not Ever Accept The Truth.

This Makes Me So Proud That The Perpetrators Are All Going Down With One Another. You See She Admits That The Truth “Stings”. Nothing That They Do Ever Touches Me-And Never Will. None Of Them Have The Power To Hurt Me In Any Way. They Are A Bunch Of Nobodies And Mean Absolutely Nothing To Me.

Note: And Just For The Record. I Am Tired Of What Shannon Considers As Myth As She Was Not Even Born With A Caul. She Claims That She Was Born With A Caul Because Her Boyfriend Johnny Blade Told Her That She Was And That The Caul Slid Off Her Face During Her Mother’s Labor Delivery (Now That Is So Funny. The Saddest Thing That I Ever Heard) So I Guess Shannon’s Caul Is Still Up Her Mother’s Chute, Or Maybe The Doctor Pulled It Out And Threw It Away-All A Bunch Of Bullshit! What She Considers Misinformation Can Be Contradicted By A Fellow Caulbearer Who Wrote A Book Attesting The “So called” Particular Myths As Facts And I Truly Believe Her Because It Is The Truth. Shannon Lee Wolf’s Mouth Is Definitely No Prayer Book! I Want To See Her Prove What Is Not Myth. Does She Know Every Caulbearer In The Whole Entire World? Those Who Were Born Way Before Her? The Answer Is Evident, “No”.

Shannon Lee Wolf’s Message To Clear Up Her Shenanigans-The Trouble That She Herself Started Through Her Own Lies And Stupidity. I Surely Hate This Demonic Bitch:

Shannon Lee Wolf Says:

Okay…time to clear the air dear ones.

So. Some of you are already aware of Michael’s — well — dislike of me. Seems he’s found a good friend on the web who had taken a dislikin’ to me like a year ago as well…and they have their war engines in full throttle — can you hear the rumble?

It’s funny, really all of this silliness, but I figured I might as well let you all in on the gory detai

ls of my “witchcraft” and “recruiting” techniques — and the events that led up to this other person’s sharpening of her sward, and the sound of her shrill battle cry.On my website, I had listed links to the caul websites that had verbatim text in them, so as to demonstrate the disinformation that had gone viral — mostly by the same original author.Well apparently all on my list but one were by the original author…and this author discovered that this other person had plagiarized their work, and who had claimed that it was their own material. So, the author demanded that it be removed, or they would shut their website down. (They had done the same thing to me for using the word “Caulbearer”, as they claimed to own it.)So, when I realized that this site had removed its content, in a tongue and cheek way, I noted it on my site. This turned out to be an error on my part, as this person did not find it the least bit amusing, and let me know, strong and clear. I publicly apologized to them, and removed the tongue in cheek remark. But, I was too late. The war had begun. This person had flown into a fiery and vengeful rage!They called me every name in the book on their public forum, announcing my jealousy of them, my use of witchcraft to control my forum members, and all sorts of other evils.So, our dear Mike has so delighted in his discovery of this true ally, he is apparently lost in a state of glee! He has stumbled upon the den of a being who matches his vibrations, and expounds the dirty Truth about Shannon Lee Wolf! (Again, I jest…but I’ll admit that it does sting a little — I mean I am only human.)Well, there it is. Just to clear the air, so that we can all direct our focus on peace, love and kindness — as it should be. ♥And Now Here Is Shannon Lee Wolf’s Crazy Words About “Supposedly” Being Born With A Caul:But, oh, man. I think sometimes I’m like that girl you met who refused to admit that she was a caul bearer, and that she has any power at all. Having been misunderstood and put down my whole childhood, I have always felt invisible and powerless. And always held onto the simple biblical rule, “The truth shall set you free.” What a combination that must feel like to other people sometimes! Plus, I never knew I was a caul bearer til Jade told me that I was. My mother told the story of how my brother was born with the caul, but she never said anything about me. But Jade could see that it was removed in the birth canal. It explains a lot, but I sometimes don’t feel “official”. But it doesn’t really matter anyway. I am a catalyst and protector for caul bearers, and feel as if I belong here.This Is How It All Began, Here Are The Links To My Posts About Shannon Lee Wolf:

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