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Shampoo Heads

By Evette Garside @evette77

Shampoo heads is a family run business run by the Bell family.
I actually remember the product appearing on Dragons Den back in 2012.
They create a sell a very successful range of kids hair care products. The products are designed for children with an aim to make the child more aware of personal hygiene and hair care.
The 3 characters which appear on the product bottles are Annie, Rosie and Robert. The characters share the same names as the family children whom they are based on.


My 3 kids have happily been trying out a selection of the Shampoo Heads products.

Busy Bob bubble bath makes lots of fun safe bubbles. It gives our bathroom a lovely fruity blueberry aroma and it’s tear free so we don’t have to worry about sore eyes. The bubbles are also kinder to skin being hypoallergenic.


To get us really clean and smelling gorgeous without too much fuss, we have very handy 3-in 1 bottles. These special bottles contain shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one.
They come in the 3 awesome character flavours too. Busy Bob, Awesome Annie and Raging Rosie. As Busy Bob is a blue bottle, Ryan has claimed this for him self. The bottles are great for washing both hair and body. Little girls may require a little extra conditioning on their locks afterwards.


Shampoo heads also come in seperate shampoo and conditioner bottles too.
All the lovely products along with the very low prices can be found here .

Once the hair and body and washed and smelling nice and fruity clean. It’s time for brushing and styling. For long locks there is Awesome Annie detangler.


With a few little squirts this will detangle and smooth out unruly knots.


The spray is kind to hair as it contains vitamin B5. It is paraben free and has a lovely tropical scent. Here is Izebellas hair before and after using the spray.


It even works on grown up hair too and leaves hair soft and manageable.
It has a built in heat protection so would be good for older girls who use hair dryers or straighteners.

For the boys is Busy Bob Crazy hair gel>
. This gel gives boys the cool dude wet look. It holds those cool styles in strongly whilst remaining easy enough to wash out. Ryan loves styling his hair and often asks me to buy him gel so this came in very useful.


I think the Busy Bob character even looks a little like Ryan.


All of the Shampoo Heads products and more, are available to purchase directly from the Shampooheads on line shop.

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