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Shameful Disregarding of the 1st Amendment

Posted on the 29 March 2011 by Mikeb302000
One of our Anonymous commenters who's been sparring with Dog Gone came up with a real beauty.
And in a most excellent use of the First amendment to browbeat leftists into irrelevancy and out of education.....
via The Morning Call
The Quakertown Community School Board has agreed to look into allegations made by a parent that a high school teacher is using his classroom to promote his political viewpoints and express disrespect for Christianity and the tea party.
Glenn Rickabaugh, a tea party member from Milford Township, read part of a 1,000-word letter at Thursday's board meeting, in which he claimed the teacher wore a T-shirt with the words "Jesus was a liberal" and used a sexually derogatory phrase when referring to the tea party.
Rickabaugh, who has a child in the high school, also said the teacher espoused beliefs that the Second Amendment has no place in contemporary society and that socialized medicine is better for Americans.
Wouldn't that be more like a shameful disregarding of the 1st Amendment in order "to browbeat leftists into irrelevancy and out of education?"
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