Shake Up Your Holiday Party with a Virtual Casino Night

Posted on the 25 May 2021 by Charlene Farwell

For those looking for a good time tonight, you can shake things up with a great adult activity. Gambling at a casino has always been a fun pastime. Now, you can bring that casino experience right into your own home.

A virtual casino night is what you want as a great activity to bond with your adult friends. It can be better than playing by yourself. Even if you gain great deals like 150 free spins Canada offers or live casino deals playing with others can be a satisfying experience. So, here is how you can host your own virtual casino night.

Plan Out the Party

Shake Up Your Holiday Party with a Virtual Casino Night

First, figure out the time and place to host the night. Most people prefer a weekend since that is when most workplaces have days off. However, this may be different from others, so make sure to communicate when is the best time for everyone, as for where this will depend on the method of communication.

There are multiple chat rooms or group calls you can make to have everyone see and hear each other online. Google allows group calls to be made. You can also use software like Skype. Anything that can utilize a webcam and the audio from a built-in mic will do. You can even use a headphone with an attached mic as well. This can be something similar to video game headsets.

Include a Theme

Shake Up Your Holiday Party with a Virtual Casino Night

Similar to regular parties, it can never hurt to have a theme for the night. Even if it is held over virtual communication, webcams can showcase your face and outfits. Casinos have always been about themes. Almost all slot machines and establishments are based on a variety of cultures. Egyptian, Greek, China, and many other countries can be a good start.

You can even base it on a specific period like the '80s or the roaring '20s. Perhaps a holiday can also do good, for Christmas time or Halloween. Whatever the theme is, make sure to dress up for the occasion. You can decide the strictness of the dress code. You may not even have to dress up at all. With some chat rooms, you can set up virtual decorations and unique emojis to set the mood you wish.

Preparing Your Guests

Shake Up Your Holiday Party with a Virtual Casino Night

Now that you have a place sorted and you know what games to play, you should figure out how to invite your guests. Digital invitations are best since the event will be taken place digitally after all. You can do this through social media or by personalized email addresses. A personalized email can be made beforehand using a word document or other digital editing format.

Create a stylized poster based on the theme of your event. If you want, send out your invitations by post if you like. Once everyone knows about the event, include a link to the digital location within the invitation. This can be the skype address or a link to the site you will be hosting the event at.

Choosing the Сasino

Shake Up Your Holiday Party with a Virtual Casino Night

Your next objective is to choose which casino you will be playing with. The first and foremost requirement is if the casino has a group play option. It needs to be able to support the number of people you wish to play with. This is easier if the group on invites is small but harder if you want to host a larger event. The next thing you should look for is what kind of games are available to play.

If you and your friends love poker, then pick a poker site that specializes in that content. If you like more tables, then choose a casino with a greater variety. You may also want to have one that has live dealer options. Having your own dealer can help speed things as long as the card dealing is all done by a trained professional.

Host Your Own Casino Game

Shake Up Your Holiday Party with a Virtual Casino Night

If your friends are not able to play at an official casino night, you can always host your own virtual casino game, provided, of course, that what you are doing is perfectly legal. Gambling regulations within a country may prohibit this kind of thing. However, if it's for virtual chips and to keep scores, then there is no harm. As long as no real money is being bet with.

You can grab your own deck of cards or have your own roulette wheel. Have you patrons in the chat room, place a bet to see what happens. You may have prizes in store for them, items such as coupons for your work colleagues. Have appliances up for grabs to spruce up the kitchen. Whatever you wish to give, you can offer as a prize for your friends to be motivated in friendly competition.

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