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Shadowfires by @deankoontz

By Pamelascott
Dean Koontz's Shadowfires is a thrilling novel of jealousy, danger and the fight for survival. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Harlan Coben.

'Tumbling, hallucinogenic prose... 'Serious' writers... might do well to examine his technique' - The New York Times Book Review

Rachael Leben's violently possessive ex-husband, Eric, hideously mangled in a freak accident, is dead. But his body has disappeared from the city morgue.

Now someone, or something, is watching Rachael. Calling her. Stalking her. And though no one will believe her, she knows who it is; that his walking corpse is a grotesque mockery of life, and his brilliant, warped mind, once again 'alive', is seething with jealous rage, seeking an unspeakable revenge.

Brightness fell from the air, nearly as tangible as rain. 1, SHOCK

(@headlinepg, 6 December 2012, first published 1987, ebook, 532 pages, bought from @AmazonKindle)



I read this book more than twenty years ago. I remember hardly anything about it but the opening line has stuck in my head. A long time ago Koontz wrote a lot of books that involved science and ethics being twisted and distorted into something much darker. This is one of the best examples of his work that uses these themes and concepts. Shadowfires has all the trademarks of a good thriller with science fiction elements around Eric's bizarre experiments and his obsession to extend his life and the genetic mess he turns into. I found it interesting that when Eric becomes something not human anymore he is still fixated on Rachael. This is a tense, fast paced, well-written thriller. I really enjoyed it.

Shadowfires @deankoontz

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