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ShaadiSaga – An App to Help Plan A Wedding Better

Posted on the 06 June 2015 by Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

ShaadiSaga wedding appShaadiSaga, I like the name. Weddings, Indian weddings especially, are really a saga. And even if many have started sending out invitations by way of WhatsApp messages or even by creating Facebook events, that doesn’t mean our weddings now are any less grander, noisier, flashier or full of things that all can be classified as Big Tension.

And no, ShaadiSaga app won’t make the weddings any easier either even if its full name is “ShaadiSaga Plan Weddings Better.” It can’t help you cut down on your shopping list or make your purchases cost less. It can’t make fixing up a venue or a caterer any easier. And it can’t reduce the traffic jam on the roads to let your wedding procession pass easily.

But it can help you send out the invitations more easily and also keep track of who is coming and who is not coming. It can also help your guests easily find directions to the venue. It can help the family of the bride and groom to get connected with each other even before the big day and they all can pitch in to post a few words about the bride and groom. Not just that, after the wedding is over, they all can post the pictures they took on the big day and make it easier for the bride and groom to collect all those photos of their most memorable day.

And when the wedding season is in full bloom and you find yourself invited to several weddings, it will be easier to organize your schedule using this app. Because the app has two modes. One helps the wedding planners and another helps the wedding guests.

When you open the app, after a beautiful and romantic welcome screen, you are presented with two options: I’m Getting Married and I’m Attending A Wedding. If you are planning a wedding, click the first option. If you have been invited to a wedding through the app, choose the second option.

To use any of these options, you need to have an account on ShaadiSaga. Creating and account and using the app is totally free. But the ShaadiSaga website does feature paid services like wedding planners, decorators, choreographers etc. which the wedding hosts can browse through if interested.


If you chose the first option, after creating the account on ShaadiSaga or logging in, you’ll be asked to create your wedding by inputting details like the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, the venue details etc. You can also choose a cover image for your wedding from among the available options. The app does not allow uploading a custom image for the wedding cover. The photos of the bride and groom can be uploaded though. And then you need to setup a custom code for your wedding. This code is not auto-generated and can’t be edited later. So it is important to choose a good and memorable code. The app advises using a code that has the names of the bride and groom and maybe also their wedding date.

Once all the information is added, just hit on the Invite button and send the invitations to your friends and family via email or messaging services. The invitation would contain the Wedding Code.

Of course, to use this code, the guests too would need to install the ShaddiSaga app or access it on a computer. Yes, all the details can be accessed and edited by visiting the ShaddiSaga website too.

Anyway, if you are a guest invited by someone using this app, just choose the option I’m Attending A Wedding. Input the code that has been sent to you and you can then view all the details about the wedding, add your messages to the bride and groom, view directions to the venue and upload photos. All this activity will be seen in that particular wedding’s feed page and I suppose all who have used the code of it can see it and like it or comment on it. One can just imagine what a lot of fun that can be when excited family members or mischievous friends of the bride and groom start pouring in their happiness.

The second tab on the app page allows the guests to directly indicate whether they would be able to attend the event or not. They can also tap on the button Get Directions to open up the map to the venue or they can contact the host too from this page by using the calling button.

The app allows creation of several events within the same wedding to help with various wedding ceremonies. Guests can easily indicate which event they would be attending.

It is also very easy for all invited to upload the photos of the bride or groom or their wedding so that all can see those photos. And the last tab in the app allows people to post their messages expressing their feelings about the Bride or the Groom.

All in all, ShaadiSaga seems like a very fun app. It is definitely very well designed and has a nice and pleasing user interface. And if it manages to gain popularity and more and more people start using it, then it’s sure going to prove useful too.

The ShaadiSaaga website has a different user interface and even allows uploading of custom image for the wedding cover. But one can access all the features of the SaadiSaaga app on the website too and manage or edit the wedding details. The webportal of ShaadiSaga creates a custom ‘website’ for every wedding and even allows the users to choose its template from among the available options. Check out the sample website that they have created for, hold your breath, Adam and Eve!

Any guest visiting such websites can easily check the schedule and other details, RSVP the host or leave a message. From the user Dashboard, the user can also see a list of Shortlisted Vendors.

Although the app or the ShaadiSaga service is primarily designed for weddings, I think one can also use it for other parties and events. Its features of sending invitations, collection photos and messages of guests etc. will prove welcome in all events.

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