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Seventy Faces to the Torah

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The Jewish social media world is hot right now discussing Miriam Anzovin's reviews of the pages of daf yomi she is learning.
Here is one example, though this one is on the "low key" end of the spectrum of her video reviews:

Miriam's irreverence doesn't bother me. I personally have a distaste for foul language (except in perhaps small amounts and appropriately placed) so this bothered me a bit (this clip does not have any foul language but some are riddled with it) but not because it was foul language on a holy topic but because I just cringe at foul language. I think her style is mostly fine and if her audience learns something from it in that style, great. Everyone has their own approach to Torah study and whatever does it for her and her audience and because of that they study more and become more knowledgeable in Torah and Judaism, great. There are seventy faces to the Torah. She is exposing one we haven't really seen before.
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