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Seventeenth 9/11 Anniversary - Trump/Pence Speeches - Same Old Corporate Same Old

Posted on the 12 September 2018 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

seventeenth 9/11 anniversary - Trump/Pence speeches - same old corporate same old

chiming the sound of abject silence

how utterly fucking disgusting and cynical, mainslime media here in UK, I'm talking about BBC and SKY obvz, is regurgitating the time-worn corporate message of 19 so-called arabs flying two planes into three buildings and VOMIT HORROR BULLSHIT CONVLUTED HERO story later, I'm still as stunned as I am every fucking 9/11 anniversary.
How can the people who support this Corporate Conspiracy to Deceive and Delay Truth-finding with their mainstream news platforms sleep at night, knowing (or at least HEAVILY SUSPECTING) that the nonsense tale of hi-jacking and bullseye targeting of 'a pair of very thin buildings' at that speed and altitude by coccaine-arab pilots who were fucking shit in all their Cesna lessons the 3-letts paid for...
I'd like to start this post again, with less emotional vocabulary but you know what, "Fuck Political Correctness!" on this (and other false-flag) issue(s). Today's 17th Annivesary Pence speech was dog vomit. Today's 17th Annivesary Trump speech (what else did I expect, a pair of cojones?) was dog vomit. Same old shit as last same old shit masquerading as a mainstream media truth play of the crudest and most basic Neu Welt Ordnung aka New World Order. Hint: yes, we all paid for the 'financial crash of 2008'. Yes, we are shafted by the money-men at all turns, on all occasions.
Literally, common appreciation of the evidence is VIOLATED by this mainstream complicity with 'the accepted story' where 9/11 is concerned.

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