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Seven Ways Forgiveness Can Heal

By Barbarajpeters @CouplesAuthor

It’s the season of good will toward men – that’s a warm and wonderful sentiment, but what’s in it for you?  Good will can be loosely translated to mean forgiving somebody, and at this time of year, embracing our enemies is almost expected, but so hard to do! When it comes to forgiving our partners for real or imaginary transgressions, the message really hits home.

Seven Ways Forgiveness Can HealWhen there are cards to write, cookies to bake, and your ever-present To Do list is spanning four pages, it might be time to take a break and be good to ourselves.  Nothing can lessen our load more than forgiving the special people in our lives for past hurts. By genuinely forgiving, and not simply shifting forgiveness to resentment, you will benefit most of all.

Studies have shown that withholding forgiveness can lead to negative energy, which can then result in health problems. Who needs more of those?

Think about it. When you’re upset, vindictive or angry, don’t you feel tense and on edge throughout your entire body?  Doesn’t your rage spill over into other relationships? Who’s really suffering here?

Once you learn to forgive, and really mean it, a sense of well-being and peace will envelop your whole self.  Your relationship will take another dimension. You’ll feel there is harmony in your world and recognizable changes in your personal health will be apparent.  Here are some things that can happen when you release your anger and practice forgiveness:

  • Your blood pressure will lower.
  • Your immune system will improve and grow stronger.
  • Depression and anxiety will decrease.
  • Your sleep will improve.
  • You’ll develop a sense of empowerment stemming from improved self-esteem.
  • Other relationships will improve and grow more open.
  • Your energy level will increase.

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