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Seven Festive Tips to Prepare for Christmas Guests

By Sharon Dalzell @Dalzells_Beds

Tips for Preparing for Christmas Guests

As Christmas approaches, many of us are busy preparing our homes for the festive season. From decorating the tree to organising the Christmas shop, the added pressure of holiday guests coming to stay can sometimes leave us a little overwhelmed.

To help take the stress out of the holiday season this year, we’ve prepared the following tips to make sure you don’t lose sleep over where everyone else is going to sleep this Christmas!

How to Prepare for Festive Visitors

Christmas can be a stressful time, and even more so if you’ve guests coming to stay and you’re worrying about where they are going to sleep.

To help things run smoothly,from freshening up guest rooms and washing bed linen to working out where and on what everyone is going to sleep, we’ve got you covered, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

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Plan, plan, plan! 

It’s easy to say but it’s so true, you need to plan ahead so you’re not scrambling around at the last minute trying to fit everyone in.

Think about where your guests are going to sleep. If you have a spare room, choose a bed that will offer you maximum flexibility all year round.

A guest bed is a great alternative to the traditional double or king size divan bed as many are designed to be unfolded when required and folded away when not in use.

If you don’t have the luxury of a guest bedroom, a great space-saving alternative is the sofa bed or day bed.  From two-seaters to three-seater models, many sofabeds now come with easy to assemble mechanisms, transforming from a stylish sofa into a comfortable bed in a matter of seconds.

Guest beds

Think about your guests’ specific needs 

Extra guests means extra bed linen. You’ll not only need to make sure you’ve spare pillows, duvets and bed linen to hand but you’ll need to check ahead as to whether your guests have any particular health needs.

For people with allergies, your traditional duck and goose feather pillows and duvets will be a no no. Opt for a man-made filling or a hypo-allergenic alternative such as the Dunlopillo Anti-Allergy Pillow. 

Dunlopillo Anti Allergy Pillow

If you’ve children coming to stay, it may be worth investing in some waterproof mattress protectors to prevent any little accidents from staining your mattress.

Pillow protectors too; ideal for the tan-tastic teen who’s preparing for the party season!

Comfort is key

It may seem obvious but make sure that the bed or mattress that your guests are lying on is supportive and comfortable. Think about the last time you stayed somewhere else whether it was a hotel or friend’s house. Did you check the mattress to make sure it was okay?

Guests are no different and there really is nothing worse than sleeping on an old, lumpy, discoloured or stained mattress.  One to avoid if you want to stay friends with your guests after the holiday season is over.

The Sleep Council has produced a really simple guide to help you check whether your mattress and bed are up to scratch. Take the Bed MOT and see if your bed would pass.

Seven Festive Tips to Prepare for Christmas Guests

Perfect the Optimum Sleep Environment 

For the perfect sleep environment, spend some time yourself in the room your guests are going to sleep in to see whether the temperature, lighting and noise levels are just right.

If it’s a colder room your guests are staying in, an extra throw or electric blanket is an economical way to keep them warm.

Some cheap ear plugs will keep those external noises at bay. And, a simple night light beside the bed will provide your guests with that much needed home-from-home comfort that we all desire.


Finally, it goes without saying, your friends are your friends for a reason, and well, family are family. They’ll enjoy their stay with you no matter what. Here’s to the best Christmas ever!

What next?

At Dalzell’s we like to take the stress out of welcoming festive visitors. With a great range of guest beds, folding beds, sofa beds and storage beds in-store, we’ll make sure your Christmas planning goes without a hitch. We offer Free Delivery and Free Collection and Recycling of Your Old Bed throughout Northern Ireland, and Counties Monaghan, Louth and Dublin. What’s more, with additional discounts for Multibuy you can be sure you’re getting a great deal, too! Call, Email or Visit Us In-store.

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