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Seth Rogen is as Jewy as You Get!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I ignored the entire spat with Peter Beinart and Israel, and then Seth Rogen and Israel and the Jewish Agency. I don't feel the need to force people to say things they don't believe, just because that's what we want them to think. He has his opinion about Israel and I don't really care. Seth Rogen's opinion does not matter much to me, and I feel no need to force him to just say the right things.
But then the story blew up and became so Jewy that I just cannot ignore it any longer.
According to reports, after Rogen said what he said about Israel, he supposedly had a conversation with Yitzchak Bougie Herzog from the Jewish Agency, in which he might or might not have apologized (depending on the version you believe) and at least clarified his opinion. Seth Rogen is as Jewy as you get!
Interestingly, Rogen told a reporter after the fact that he called Herzog at the Jewish agency because his mom made him.
Can you get any more Jewy than that? A grown-up adult doing things, calling, apologizing (maybe), talking about Israel, just because his mom told him to.
It seems that the Jewish Agency did not like what Rogen originally said so they sent a letter to his parents. they tattled on him. Momma Rogen told Seth off, maybe told him he can't leave the dinner table until he calls Herzog at the Jewish Agency, so Seth made the phone call and talked about Israel.
Can you get anything more Jewy than this? How can you not love this? Can you not see this happening to you?
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