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Serving It Up... Winston's Restaurant & Bar: Ningbo, China!

By Josephharrison1990 @JTAH_1990

Straight up, I fancied a good cooked meal within a familiar environment where a few good people came from the same 'Mother England' that I do! There was only one way to solve this kind of predicament, 'Winston's Restaurant & Bar' within Ningbo's 'Laowaitan' was for me! Of course, I wasn't a stranger for 'Winston's' had crossed my path before that lively Friday night. 

Serving It Up... Winston's Restaurant & Bar: Ningbo, China!

Owned by Sheffield born brothers Steve and Roland, 'Winston's' has been a part of Ningbo's 'Laowaitan' furniture since November 2020. Serving all kinds of 'British' grub, this tastefully designed 'English' inspired restaurant and bar serves it up for certain, where do I begin? Arriving on that Friday evening during late July cemented that I kept to my word, I had enjoyed the live band and drinks a lot during a previous Saturday night, I was back! That freshly pulled pint of 'Carlsberg' well and truly tasted like the weekend, that first drink is always a winner for me! Twinned as a former trading post, 'Winston's' fits perfectly within Ningbo's Laowaitan because a certain British vibe stood present a long time ago. I was looking forward to my evening meal because the working day had been long and lunchtime had been some time before that evening. 'Winston's' works hard to introduce British concepts from their menu to local Chinese clientele with a large portion of patrons already familiar with foreign foods. A slice of England? 

Yes, for sure! There I've said it! Where did the name 'Winston's' come from? Both Steve and Roland told me that they were inspired by one of the UK's most formidable former Prime Ministers. Not, any of the recent ones mind you! Only, 'Winston Churchill' stood as a new-wave to celebrate his name as a true British icon, sounds like a homegrown hero to me! Sure, the army of opinions have had their two pennies to contribute but other than that it's a mood! I was honestly spoiled for choice, the drinks list was a long as my arm and I had already tried some of the cocktails during my previous visit. I was looking forward to having another mixed drink, you know this! My pint went down quickly indeed, time for second helping? Yes, I do think! With 'Carlsberg', 'Guinness' 'Goose IPA' and 'Canwe Cider' all on draft at 'Winston's', I was especially spoiled for choice! During my first visit I had enjoyed a pint of Guinness, that chilled pint of Irish Stout made me feel lucky for sure! With such an extensive menu, what to drink next? OK!

Serving It Up... Winston's Restaurant & Bar: Ningbo, China!

Steak for tea? Absolutely, that! I patiently waited for my order to be prepared for me in the kitchen. As I sat at my table it didn't take a lot of thought to realize how 'bang on the mark' 'Winston's' actually looked to me! The decor had me forgetting that I was in-fact very much in China's Zhejiang Province, Ningbo City to be precise. My tea was in good hands because at 'Winston's' both Steve and Roland know how valuable it is to have a chef rather than a cook! 'Winston's' prides itself by having a professionally trained chef who has had experience in Shanghai, this cooking professional has experience cooking Western foods. Don't tell the world but I have had some excellent quality 'Fish & Chips' at 'Winston's's but that is something you're going to need to try for yourself! Yes, I will be back for another serving of 'Fish & Chips' at 'Winston's' because they were spot on! Sure, my steak tea was on the way but I couldn't help but think of those other goodies, just delicious! 'Winston's' lived up to their namesake, formidable! 

I wasn't ready for that serving of 'Australian' steak, no word of a lie, every piece of that medium rare cooked steak was 'melt in the mouth!' I enjoyed the accompanying mashed potatoes and vegetables, all items were presently beautifully with much care and attention paid. I don't usually order steak from the menu but 'Winston's' surprised me with their showstopping serving and then some! An extra helping was served after I had finished my steak, I was bowled over by my 'Shepherd's Pie!' That British teatime favorite had been baked in a familiar looking 'oven dish', homesickness cured in an instance! That second dish tasted lovely, definitely I would also recommend that British inspired dish! For 'afters' I chose the 'cheesecake' because I didn't fancy anything chocolaty to eat. 'Jamie Oliver' makes Gin? I enjoyed a lovely glass of craft 'Gin & Tonic' after I had finished my meal. I was impressed with the service and quality at 'Winston's', you should also! Bring on the entertainment! Yes, I was looking forward to the band playing! 

Serving It Up... Winston's Restaurant & Bar: Ningbo, China!

After all of my courses had been served, it was time for a spot of 'live music'. During my previous visit to 'Winston's' I really enjoyed watching the live band, my friend had wanted to see some live more, so we chose 'Winston's' that Saturday night. Fast forward to present day, during that Friday night it was only right that the band started performing from around 9 P.M. All hailing from Uganda in Africa, during the first visit I was able to speak with one of the band members after they had finished their set. I had enjoyed watching the band play so much, I requested my second visit be on a Friday rather than a Saturday because of the band playing on that night. They played a wide range of songs from a wide range of genres, all lively and very much worthy of a boogie! You already know seeing this band again was more than the 'cherry on the cake!' Sure, there's always something going on during the weekends at 'Winston's'. On most Saturday's at 'Winston's' there's a DJ playing all of the latest music and other popular singers on stage. 

Me, watching a live band? Yes, I really enjoyed being a part of that ambiance and you should to! Clearly a sign that I am finally growing up? Not at all, I am just able to appreciate an evening out and doing something different really isn't bad for me at all! All in all, I would highly recommend 'Winston's' for an evening out, with delicious food and delicious drinks to boot. Their level of service is high and Steve and Roland are there to talk to at the bar, for me it was the connection with England that made my night. Nothing was too much trouble for Lisa, Steve and Roland, everything served up to me was delicious and had been cooked or poured as I expected it to be. 'Winston's' impressed me much, you already know that I am thinking about returning soon for another helping of comfort food within Ningbo's famous Laowaitan. Really, I should stay at home less and go out a lot more because I can say that Friday night gave me some culture! Next time you're in Ningbo, make 'Winston's' your number one choice, just do it already! Thanks all! 

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