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Seriously, Nothing Ever Seems to Happen in Liverpool.

Posted on the 01 December 2011 by Mikeb302000
The BBC Website has this story about Rushworths Music Store in Liverpool. The store existed for 174 years until the store closed in 2002.
Of course, the fact that Rushworths was where the Beatles bought their guitars overrides the fact that this store was a symbol of Liverpool's prosperity during the Victorian Era.
The other interesting aspect was the firm's social conscience. Jonathan Rushworth said: "My grandfather believed you couldn't just sell musical instruments, you had to give back to society and be part of the musical life of the city."
Thus the firm set up and sponsored a music festival, which ran for 50 years, and the William Rushworth Memorial Trust still makes grants for the study of music.
But, it's the association with the Beatles that gives Rushworths its fame.

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