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SEO Vs Social Media: Lets Talk About the Right Platform for Youth

Posted on the 17 January 2013 by Andykinsey @andykinsey

If you were to decide between what was best - SEO or Social Media and to distinguish between them, then it would not be incorrect to say that both are equally important and dependent on each either. Search engine marketing can help with with social media marketing and vice versa. Both are instrumental in bringing traffic to your website and helps you in advertising, marketing and creating an awareness about an issue or a particular brand. However, if we really have to weight both ends, then Social Media would undoubtedly emerge as a winner as the right platform for the youth to express their thoughts and garner virtual audiences.

SEO is more or less robotic and mechanical

SEO actually optimizes the search query in Google, and maintains the relevancy of the website by featuring it amongst the top search listings. Through SEO, you can be sure of garnering maximum hits, however, you cannot protect your website from negative reviews, which unfortunately pops up in search engines along with your name. It is therefore impossible to counteract negative feedback and prevent them from featuring in search listings. However, that is not the case with Social Media, as you are more in control of the content you want featured on your page.

Social Media is more meaningful and human

Social media is about creating meaningful textual material according to the demand of the market and the prevailing situation. This text is then spread over larger audiences through 'sharing' and the numerous 'likes' unlike the mechanical functioning of the search engines. 'Likes' determine popularity and even if a certain brand or issue receives a negative review, it can still be tackled on the social media platform by communicating with the person.

Social Media extends beyond the specific platforms

Social Media now plays a greater role and goes beyond the purview of their websites. For instance Facebook likes are no longer limited to the website and it figures in Bing searches quite prominently. Hence, it SEO is no longer a frontrunner in garnering audiences, as Social Media platforms have now gone beyond the ambit of their specific websites.

Social Media more in use amongst the youth

It would not be exaggerating to say that the youth of today is connected through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The pulse of a nation and the mood of the general public can be read through the various issues raised, 'liked', 'shared' and commented. Hence, the recourse to taking the longer path of SEOs has considerably gone down with the youth, who are on the go and make the most of Social Media platforms.

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