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SEO Simplicity: Streamline Your Program

Posted on the 17 January 2014 by Zafar @seompdotcom

Everyone who works in SEO knows that one has to be constantly keeping up with news and developments regarding changes to the Google algorithm to stay on top of things. The constant changes can complicate an organization’s SEO strategy and make it difficult to keep things straightforward and simple. Below are some tips on how you can keep your SEO program streamlined to avoid confusion and to ensure the flawless functioning of your firm’s SEO endeavors.

SEO Simplicity: Streamline Your Program

SEO Simplicity: Streamline Your Program

Ways to Keep Things Simple

  • Deemphasize keyword research- While SEO has traditionally been very focused on determining the right “keywords”, many SEOs feel very confident that this is becoming less important. Try not to spend too much time engaging in keyword research. Promoting your website in general is more important. It is assumed that search engine functioning will becoming increasingly more intuitive as opposed to being so direct and keyword-driven.
  • Make sure you’re appropriately taking advantage of tools and resources- While it might be true that certain features lose their importance, you should avoid completely ignoring a certain SEO strategy just because it’s not as significant as it used to be. Take meta descriptions or page descriptions for example. They should still be included in your site design despite the fact that they don’t have as large an effect as they once did in terms of SEO maneuvering.
  • Go viral- Your constant goal in content production should be to go viral with one of the content offerings of your company or organization. Yet it takes time to enjoy the enormous success that comes from finally producing something that catches on in a big way and gets sent out to exponentially more prospective clients every minute on the World Wide Web. You need to invest in content production- and also put a lot of research into what you will have the best chances of going viral with- if you hope to really catapult your firm’s online presence to the spotlight.
  • Opt for responsive design- Responsive design is simpler than creating a mobile site in terms of streamlining your SEO campaign. You’re probably going to want both mobile device users and desktop users to come upon your website. Most SEOs and web designers are of the opinion that responsive design is the better option. With two separate sites- a mobile site and a desktop site- it’s like having to spearhead two different SEO campaigns. This is hardly simple.
  • Outsource where possible- You have many opportunities online for outsourcing SEO tasks at a low cost. Some of the different SEO jobs that it is possible to outsource include checking your rankings on a daily basis, researching where your competitors are appearing for some of your most important keywords, keeping track of news on algorithm changes, and more.

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