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SEO Audit of Mozimo Online Shoe Shopping Website

Posted on the 30 January 2018 by Matt Jackson @MattJacksonUk1
SEO Audit of Mozimo Online Shoe Shopping Website

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There are signs that the site has been built by cutting corners due to its size. Plenty of examples of keyword insertion snippets, product descriptions, and titles.

These sort of things are great for when you first launch a website, as you can get the project completed much faster, and focus on driving traffic and conversions.

However as the site begins to age, you will notice that some of your pages aren't getting very good CTR's, or perhaps have a high bounce rate.

This is because the snippet you have mass created doesn't match what the user is looking for:

In our example of the "Peter Kaiser shoes" keyword which has 5,400 of highly targeted searches per month, there are some key points to focus on.

1. This is a women's shoe brand

Every top ranking snippet in the result mentions the keyword women or ladies, which shows that this is what gets the click. The Mozimo site contains neither of these variations in the page title.

2. People are looking for lots of types of shoes.

The top ranking snippets also mention different types of shoes such as boots and heels, and combined with this the suggested searches and refine by sections also suggest people are looking for more varieties.

So in order to attract more clicks, the snippet should mention the other varieties / types stocked.

Whereas the Mozimo page title simply says: Peter Kaiser | Peter Kaiser Shoes | Mozimo

3. If you search for the brand why would you shop away from the official site?

Realistically, the only reason you would buy a brand named product away from the real brand is price or availability.

Therefore the snippet of the brand pages should be aimed at people looking for these things. Keywords like "best price" or "sale items" could attract price sensitive clicks, and keywords like "in stock" and "fast, free delivery" will encourage those who couldn't find or buy on the official site to choose Mozimo.

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