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Sensual Blogger Award

By Polysingleish @PolySingleish

So, whilst I was busy looking the other way and ignoring wordpress for a few days, I was awarded not just one, but two awards. They happen to be the same award too- The Very Sensual Blogger Award. I’m incredibly flattered. I feel like someone who just went own on me looked up to tell me that I’m delicious.


So the rules of accepting this award are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated AWARDED you with a link back to their blog. 

2. Copy and paste this fine award on your blog.

3. Answer 7 “sensual” questions posed by the blogger who awarded you this fine award.

4. Select 7 “sensual” bloggers to award this fine honor.

5. Create or borrow 7 “sensual” questions for above-mentioned bloggers to answer.

So, thankyou to SeattlePolyChick and Nate. I absolutely adore both of your blogs. Fabulous stuff.

I now have two sets of questions to answer, so here goes.

Nate’s Questions:

Someone is attempting to seduce you over dinner, what is the dinner?
I suspect it is something not quite Indian, not quite Mediterranean, not quiet Middle Eastern. A sumptuous feast for the taste buds, with lots of veggies and flavors. There’s candle light. And, desert is shared.

Which song or songs get/put you in a sensual-sexual mood?
Personally, I love Desert Dwellers.

Everyone has a scent that takes them back to a fond moment, what is your scent and the moment?
Pick only one? Ok. The Body Shop, way back in the late 90s, made a home fragrance called Autumn Leaves. I bought it just after breaking up with my second boyfriend in high school. That little bottle of fragrance smells exactly like him. I still have it. When I smell it and close my eyes I am transported right back to a beautiful warm night, on the rooftop, under the stars, kissing and fondling. Sigh.

A sensuous-sexual activity that you want more of? (backrubs, kissing, etc.)
All of it? Ok, one fantasy that I have never had fulfilled, and it’s one of my oldest, is to be blindfolded and undressed slowly, sensually, with kisses and strokes and perhaps a little gentle scratching along the way. I love the feeling of being undressed.

A sexual fantasy that you have not indulged, but would if the situation was “perfect” for you (no guilt, travel taken care of, etc.)
Male-male-me threesome. Or maybe I should say male-me-male threesome. What can I say? I enjoy being the center of attention.

A favorite gift given to you by a partner or lover?
Assuming we are talking here only about actual physical gifts? I would say it is a necklace my ex Jareth gave me for my birthday. It’s blue shell, and shaped like an eye. I wear it often.

One piece of sensuous advice that you would give to anyone?
Explore your body.

Bonus Question: I am in the mood to read a single paragraph of erotica: What can you create with the following prompts: An apple orchard, a robot with a limp, sunset, and at least one famous person (alive or dead)?

Commander Data lifted himself off the ground, his severed foot tossed to the side, lying beside some fallen apples. His Klingon foe grinned, and undid her military brassiere, exposing her bosom dripping with sweat. Data was fixed on the beads of water dripping down her clavicle, the light of the setting sun catching them in a perfect amber glimmer.


Ok, now for SPG’s questions:

Have you played with/ Do you like playing with temperature.. icecubes, candlewax, etc?
I’ve not really experimented with it. I loathe candlewax in principle- I used to make candles and sell them at flea markets when I was first married and broke. Bad memories. Having said that, I really love the idea of fire play and ice play. That would be fun to try out.

Name a sexy sexy song.
Colorblind, Counting Crows. It reminds me of that deep deep longing to just be naked- physically and emotionally- with someone.

How do you set the stage for your sexy times?
Put something with jasmine and/or neroli in my aromatherapy diffuser. Color changing lights in my bedroom. Wear something comfortable and sexy that is easily removed.

Have you ever read anything realllly titillating?  What?  Name one if you read them all the time.
Hrm. I read a lot of blogs. I enjoy erotica sometimes, but I am not a regular connoseur.

Name something you LOVE to do sensually, sexually to someone that really isn’t about you.. that’s about giving pleasure to THEM.
I LOVE to give head. I love going down on a guy and seeing what I can do for them without using my hands at all. Just my mouth. And my tongue. I like to go as deep as I can, and play with their head with my tongue whilst its inside my mouth. I have so much fun doing that.

When you masturbate, assuming you do, do you have a go-to thought or aid?  What?
It’s different every time. I might think of past moments of sensual pleasure, or of anticipated future moments of sensual pleasure.

Have any sex or sexy time injuries?  scars?
Scars? No. though Orion did once give me an incredibly impressive hickie that lasted for a week. Injuries- yes. I had to have several repeat pap smears and colpo examinations from recurring abnormal cells in my cervix. They couldn’t tell what the cause was, lab tests ruled out any STI factors. Then I stopped having all the rough sex I had been having around that time with a guy who was rather, erm, well well endowed. And then the abnormality started to go away. So…yup. I had internal carpet burn from the friction. Sigh.


So, there we have it.
Now, I looked around, and of all the blogs I have been reading lately, the ones I would nominate have themselves already been nominated recently, so I’m going to wait a bit to pass it along… in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed these responses :)

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