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Sensory Bath Fun

By Sjay235 @naturalmommainm
Sensory bath funI've posted before about some of the sensory fun we have had in the bath, using shaving foam bath paint and mouldable bath foam to have some extra fun. Tonight, however, we took bath time to a new level and Isabelle had a bit of a disco bath rave! (Apologies in advance for the really poor photographs - the dark made is very difficult to capture anything without it being fuzzy so I gave up pretty quickly!)
We had some glo-sticks left over from a light box activity (more on this in a few weeks) which I knew would be perfect for bath time, as I have seen them be used many times by other mummies. We flicked off the lights, cracked our glo-sticks and got our party started!
We only had 5 glo-sticks left, but as it was already totally dark in the room it was enough to give us a great glow from under the water. We splashed about and waved them for a while, before Isabelle asked for "Some music daddy, music so I can dance"! She is obviously going to be a party animal when she is older - unlike her dad and I. Simon popped some music on from his phone and Isabelle stood in the bath and had a rave! She loved waving the glo-sticks around, and the bathroom was pitch black so it gave a great visual effect and they wiggled and glowed.
Isabelle had asked for some of her little cups in the bath - these are actually neon shot glasses from the pound shop which were also left over from our light box activity. She spent a while scooping and pouring with these before I squirted some of our mouldable bath foam into one of the glasses to make a 'shot'. Simon stuck a glo-stick 'straw' in to it and it gave the coolest effect - the light from the glo-stick lit up the foam from inside and made the foam and the glass glow too! We poured some more shots and lined them up on the edge of the bath to have glo-sticks stuck in by Isabelle. She loved putting the sticks into the cups, and kept asking us to fill them with foam. The foam smells of strawberries, which added another dimension to our sensory play.
It was a short bath, as Isabelle was tired from a day running about outside with her friends, but it jam packed full of sensory fun.
(The glo-sticks and foam are not edible, so this activity requires extremely close supervision).
Sensory bath fun
Sensory bath fun
Sensory bath fun

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