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Senior Adult Choir: Talent Rap Audition Video

By Bestfunnyblog @bestfunnyblog

Wow. I feel like a reverse pedophile now. I think the conductor got a little too carried away with this montage but I’m definitely not complaining. This video is downright obnoxious and ridiculous. I think the seniors need a tad more practice to win this one, but I’m not complaining!

Best YouTube Comments:

Man : “Would you Capture it ? Or just let it slip ? YO!”Choir : “koawfaopwguirsfsfdhsgodjisojd­gisiodjjgiosjdigo” -x31mx31m

“I’d go to that church every day. and I’m Jewish.” -harrypmgs

“They definitely need Whoopie Goldberg” -banandababa

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