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SendX Review: Email Marketing Automation Platform

Posted on the 23 June 2017 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

Growing up a business further is quite a hard task and it becomes even harder when your business is on the web. In such condition arises the need of the tools and the software that help you to grow your business more just by as little effort as possible.

SendX Review: Email Marketing Automation Platform

It works on the basis of an email marketing automation and helps you build a bigger and a better business. It has multiple features that will help the users to grow the business, we shall talk about each of the feature in the next section of this article.

Features of SendX

SendX provides you with a long list of features which will help you at every point to grow your business. Below mentioned are all the features in brief: -

Auto Responders

It comes with auto responders which respond to various messages and queries of the clients using it and hence, you don't have to check up the message box for each and every message and query. You just check it up all once in a day and look for any seriously important message and can reply to that, everything else is managed very perfectly by the auto responders.

It has a feature of mailing list management, which manages your mailing list. This feature checks for all the important and unimportant recipients of your mailing list and manages them accordingly. It comes with a set of behaviour driven rules, which makes it a bit of the disciplined software. It tracks and notifies you of all the bounces through the means if the bounce tracking feature, which is very rare in such type of tools.


It comes with an another amazingly fascinating feature of CAN SPAM compliance.

It provides the users with campaigns such as the drip campaigns, which in turn acquire and accumulate more and more of customers and hence, help in growing of the business. It is an amazing marketing feature which is exclusive in only few of such kind of tools.

It functions by sending event triggered emails to all the subscribers and the clients at one go. You don't have to send individual emails to each of the subscriber, this feature does it for you.

Newsletter Management

The feature named the newsletter management, manages and provides all the important detail regarding every feature to the customers. This feature keeps all the clients updated with all the important insights.

SendX Review: Email Marketing Automation Platform

It has a built-in spam check feature which checks for each kind of spam and reports them if found. All the businesses require this feature, as we all encounter with multiple spam messages and emails each day and hence, this feature works upon it very well.

It allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe to it at any point of time, irrespective of the state or condition of your business. You can even subscribe to it again after unsubscribing it. It has a very easy subscription feature associated with it.

Template Management

The template management feature of the SendX tool, helps the users to manage the templates associated with them.

It comes along with loads of themes for the purpose of the on-site widgets and pop ups.

WYSIWYG Email Editor

WYSIWYG Email Editor feature allows you to preview the development that you have been working upon. It gives you an insight of what exactly the end result of a particular document will look like and hence, it allows you to change or alter it according to your own wish.

It comes along with a lot of WordPress plugins which help you in various operations.

The JavaScript API feature functions by triggering emails and can start or stop the drip emails on its own, just by checking what exactly the user is doing.

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It has numerous tools basically the growth tools which can be used very easily to convert the blog or the website visitors into permanent customers through the means of different beautiful widgets.

Pricing of the SendX

SendX Review: Email Marketing Automation Platform

the pricing starts with $2.30 for a month. It even has a free premium offer for a certain stipulated period of time. If you have any doubts regarding the services and the features of the tool, you can start up with the free version and check for the services on your own.

Pros of the SendX tool

Cons of the SendX tool

    Though, it already has a number of different features and integrations, but it can have a set of better and more integrations in my opinion.

Final verdict:

SendX is one of the most fascinating and attractive tool available these days to grow a web based business. The number of features associated with it, leaves me awestruck. It has all the positive reviews from the customers that have already used it. It is very use and is hassle free to set up.

This email marketing automation tool is quite straightforward with its functions and comes at a very affordable price. It can be used by both the new bloggers as well as the experienced business persons. It has a number of themes associated with it.

The key feature of this tool is the email marketing and the rule-based automation combines to make a very powerful combination. The free trial makes it an amazing and must try tool for all the bloggers out there.

In my opinion, it is one of the best email marketing tool ever known. It is extremely likely for the new user to use it grow its business in the market.

SendX Review: Email Marketing Automation Platform

SendX Review: Email Marketing Automation Platform
SendX Review: Email Marketing Automation Platform

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