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Sendlane Review 2018 With Discount Coupon 25% (Save Upto 199$ )

Posted on the 04 November 2018 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

As a digital marketer and active blogger, I realize the importance of email marketing importance of email marketing and all other marketing automation tools. I have earlier also reviewed a number of email marketing tools which can send bulk emails and creates the list for you.

Recently, I found one of the most impressive email automation tools for the bloggers of all kinds. While exploring the internet, I found that Sendlane is an amazing piece of email marketing tool that creates all the automation for you.

Sendlane Discount Coupon 25% Save 199$ Now

Sendlane Review 2018 With Discount Coupon 25% (Save Upto 199$ )

Not just the email marketing, this tool serves the other purpose for you such as email tracking, event tracking, marketing automation, email retargeting, deep insight into Shopify. I have given a detailed review of Sendlane software which can be used for various automation processes. In this post, we have featured out

Sendlane Review 2018: Is It the Best Automation Email Software?

About Sendlane

Sendlane was founded in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs and is comparable small than the companies like Aweber, GetResponse or MailChimp.Sendlane is one of the most amazing tools that create the one-stop solution for creating the Landing page, Landing Pages, Thank You Pages, Autoresponders, Automation, Campaigns, Broadcasts, and sales marketing funnels.

Sendlane has got the intuitive and most robust interface. Everything is quite visible on the dashboard and you can find all the tools easily here. It resembles most of the other tools in the industry and thus if you have used them earlier, you will face no difficulty with the Sendlane.

Sendlane Review 2018 With Discount Coupon 25% (Save Upto 199$ )

To make sure that the emails that are being sent are right, it is first checked and approved by the Sendlane team first. Thus, you cannot straight away choose the subscribers and start sending the emails.

Also, not all the instructions are clear and they lack some clarity. Some instructions or some functionality are still unclear for the newbies but you will learn it anyways.

Features of Sendlane

Sendlane has got the scads of features and is perfectly designed for the bloggers. It is perfectly designed for the automation process and creates 1-on-1 interactions.

It is one of the best Email marketing tools in the industry since it makes your workflow automated and auto-responders are quick enough.

Sendlane Review 2018 With Discount Coupon 25% (Save Upto 199$ )

Sendlane has a lot of functionalities with its email marketing tool. Let's have a look at them:

  • Campaigns: Send and Schedule your email campaigns on a go.
  • List Management: Manage your business and create the list for your business. Create as many as campaigns for your business.
  • Automation: You can include or exclude any recipients from your list if you want.
  • Advanced Web Forms: If you are a coder and have the webforms, then you can integrate the webforms in seconds with our website.
  • Custom Templates: A number of templates are available which are easily available in the drag and drop builder.

Automation Process

One of the reasons I love Sendlane is because of its automation process. The automation process of Sendlane lets you choose which emails need to be sent to whom according to the focus.

Sendlane Review 2018 With Discount Coupon 25% (Save Upto 199$ )

Also, it moves people from one list to another and pushing them through different funnels. It moves the subscribers to a list which could bring you more engagement and more sales.

It eases more tasks for you:

  • Create highly converting funnels
  • Subscribe to the Notifications
  • Clean list of inactive subscribers
  • It also uses tags to segment subscribers. Sendlane helps by using the tags for your subscribers and send every detail of your subscribers based n their activity. This way, you can target more.

Also, in the dashboard, you can choose between the auto-0responder series and the automation workflow.

Real-Time Tracking

Sendlane helps you track your email campaigns and keep a finger on your email campaigns so that you can know if your strategy works right.

Sendlane Review 2018 With Discount Coupon 25% (Save Upto 199$ )

With real-time tracking of Sendlane, you can check:

  • Email Statistics which includes data such as the successful deliveries, open rates, click rates, Unsubscribers and Links which were clicked.
  • Subscribers' data and management such as the segmentation of your subscribers based on the activities and interests and detailed reports on the behaviors of the subscribers.
  • Landing Page Stats such as Total visitors, monthly visitors, opt-in rates, conversion rates, and weekly overview.

Event Tracking

What's more special here is the live email tracking of each of the emails! The email tracking of the email can give you a dive into all the repots and your performance.

The intuitive dashboard gives you all the list of all your current and the past campaigns that you want to look for and also map the success ratio for each of the campaigns.

Sendlane Review 2018 With Discount Coupon 25% (Save Upto 199$ )

This means that by the email tracking feature, you can make the right tracking for how much email is bringing the conversion for all of your campaigns.

Moreover, Sendlane gives the marketing pixel which is a unique HTML code. This code can be copied and pasted to the clipboard from where you can map the visitors and track the factors such as the conversion amount, currency, sign ups and the page visits.

E-mail retargeting works really well to bring more ROI to your business. It works the same way as the re-marketing does.

When the visitor visits your website and he/she leaves your website without taking any action, an email is sent to you for convincing the visitor to take further action.

Sendlane Review 2018 With Discount Coupon 25% (Save Upto 199$ )

Sendlane detects the visitor on your website and filters the visitors on the basis of the rules you set and the behavior of the customers. It does each task such as the abandoned carts, discounts, the recommendation of the products and various other rules.

Thus, it is a perfect way to bring back the visitor to your site without much ado. Email re-targeting also helps by serving the purpose of:

  • Track the subscribers for each mail you send.
  • Send the personalized email based on the subscriber's behavior.
  • Use the pre deigned automation template which in turn can setup your workflow in minutes.
  • Setting up is easy!! Just activate, copy and paste.


What's even better is that Sendlane integrates so well with different applications and the web services. It has got a unique software that can bring better sales and eventually more conversion. With this software with integration, you can make the contact information easily available to the vendors.

Sendlane Review 2018 With Discount Coupon 25% (Save Upto 199$ )

This also works really well with the affiliates. Being an affiliate, you can capture the emails by using this amazing Sendlane API.

Some of the platforms that integrate well with the Sendlane and ease your task are:

  • Zapier: It makes your task easy by switching between two web apps.
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • ClickFunnels
  • Privy: A platform crafted for the email automation and to get more sales and higher conversions.
  • Optimize Press: Creates highly converting landing page and membership portals for you.
  • Deadline Funnel: Platform for the lead funnels.
  • JVZoo
  • PaykickStart
  • LeadsTunnel
  • Wheeli
  • Popup Manager and many more...
Deep Insight into Shopify

The integration with all other apps such as PayPal and WooCommerce or WooCommerce works really well with the Sendlane. What's even more amazing is its deep data digging into Shopify. Sendlane keeps track of all your Shopify customers and tracks the campaigns thus increasing the chances of ROI.

Sendlane Review 2018 With Discount Coupon 25% (Save Upto 199$ )

If a visitor visits your Shopify cart and returns without any action, you can re-target the customers.

Newsletter Campaign

Just like the email campaigns, create the newsletter campaigns with the Sendlane. It does all the tasks for you in creating the newsletter.

The newsletter can easily be made as it has the following features:

  • Drag and Drop editor
  • Schedule and optimize the newsletter with ease
  • Create your own template or choose from the list of templates.

Customer Support

Whenever I review a software, I consider the customer support as the most important aspects. Sendlane does a perfect job when it comes to serving and helping its customer.

It comes to the rescue every-time you are struck. Sendlane comes up with a live chat support system. Not the live chat, it also has the ticketing support system.

The support system is available on the right-hand side at the bottom of each page with a bright red button. The support is available 24/7/365 and it has got the team of experts to help you.

It has also got the knowledge base that is available with different guides and video tutorials which you can refer for free.


Sendlane Discount Coupon 25% Save

Sendlane pricing plans are simple. There are no setup fees and no contracts for this tool. Also, the pricing model is similar to all other email automation tools.

The prices may be monthly or annually. You can save up to 25% on an annual plan.

Sendlane Review 2018 With Discount Coupon 25% (Save Upto 199$ )

The annually/monthly plan has the following models:

Does It Offer Free Trial?

Yes, the software gives a 14-day free trial for the customers. If you do not like the tool, you can cancel your subscription before 14 day.

How Does Sendlane work?

As I mentioned earlier, Sendlane does a number of tasks for you besides just the email marketing. I have explained below about how each feature of Sendlane works.

Let's have a look at the first task it does!!

Adding and creating a list is a breeze with Sendlane. In the dashboard, click on create a list and thus you can add the contacts in the list.

You can create as many as the list you can. Also, you can add the subscribers to the list: You can either ad them when the customers sign up or you can also add manually one by one. Similarly, you can also import the contacts or subscribers from the other email marketing platforms.

Sendlanes doesn't import all the contacts in the list and just the active contacts on the list. This is the best way to keep out the spammers out f the list. Activating the list also takes some time as it checks and verifies the contacts in the list before actually preparing it.

Email broadcasting with Sendlane is a quite easy task. It is quite easy to start and you can start by creating the new campaigns.

Firstly, you will need to pick the right template. There is a total of 20 templates in all.

After choosing the template, you will be taken to the email editor. In the email editor, you can edit or add or remove the elements that are present on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

At last, you can finally decide the duration of the email. You can schedule your emails and keep the time for the email.

Creating a landing page is as easy as creating the email automation. You can easily create te landing page with the drag and drop editor. You have got the 50+ templates to choose from.

In the side bard, you can drag the elements like image, video and other graphics and thus create the highly convertible landing page.

Pros and Cons of Sendlane

  • Advanced Automation: It gives you the complete automation and workflow to manage your email campaigns. It filters the subscribers and add the subscribers to the different lists on the basis of their behavior.
  • Customer Support: The customer support is great. Live chat, ticketing system and a team of experts makes the customer support system highly impressive.
  • Intuitive Interface: Sendlane has even got the great interface which is quite handy to use. It has all the elements on the dashboard.
  • Email Re-targeting: The email retargeting works really well with the Sendlane. It does so by sending the emails to the visitors.
  • No A/B Testing
  • Limited functionalities at some places
  • No free plan unlike others

Quick Links:

The Verdict: Sendlane Review 2018 With Discount Coupon 25% (Save 199$ )

As it is too young in the email marketing industry, Sendlane gives the run for money to others in the industry. It is a perfect solution for digital marketers.

The auto-responders and the workflow are the positives of this software. It is on the way to become one of the most premier auto-responders in the market.

This was my detailed review of the email automation tool Sendlane. Dont forget to use Sendlane discount coupon to Save 25% on you billing. If you have used it earlier, do remember to leave feedback for us in the comments box.

Sendlane Review 2018 With Discount Coupon 25% (Save Upto 199$ )

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