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Sending a Belated Gift

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

When it comes to gift giving, the expression 'better late than never' is as true as ever. Since we all lead such busy lives, we can easily understand and forgive a loved one for slipping up. The key is not to avoid the person. As soon as you recall the occasion, like somebody's birthday, you should contact them right away.

As soon as you contact them, you should resist the urge to make excuses. Keep it simple instead and just apologise for slipping up. Once you have wished them for the occasion, it's time to make it up to them and there are many ways you can do this.

The first thing you can do is offer to take them out for lunch or dinner the following day. They might not be available so be prepared to postpone if need be. You will also need to do some fast gift shopping but you don't want your gift to appear last minute. It should appear just as thoughtful as ever.

Fresh flowers always make an excellent gift and this is a gift that everyone will love. A fresh bouquet of their favourite blooms or a bouquet in their favourite colour is ideal. After choosing the perfect flowers, you should then check if your florist will be able to include something extra. Some of the most popular extras include luxury chocolates, sparkling wine or champagne, stuffed animals, and even birthday cake.

Another option is to order a fresh bouquet along with a gift hamper. When ordering both from the same vendor, you can benefit from the convenience of a single delivery. If you need a same day flower delivery, you will need to place your order before the cut off time. The same goes for next day flower deliveries. Every florist has a set time at which they cut off orders for same day and next day deliveries.

Finally, don't forget to include a special note and make a note for yourself so that you don't forget again! The most important thing is to not take your mistake too seriously. You can always make a joke about it next year and surely the recipient will have a good laugh too!

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