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Send Me the Money

By Expatmum @tonihargis
You may have heard recently of the $39,000 backpack. Yes, people in the UK - that's over twenty thousand quid for a handbag, courtesy of the Olsen twins who apparently "wanted to do a bag for every occasion". Words fail me on so many levels but I swear, if I see anyone carrying one, I'm going to strangle her with the alligator handles.
Send Me the Money
Living in the States, where conspicuous consumption is a way of life for many people, I thought I had seen it all. Kim Kardashian recently bought herself a $450,000 white Ferrari 458 as a little wedding present for herself. As if that wasn't showy enough, she added $80,000 worth of upgrades just to really let everyone know how much money her questionable talent brings in. Most Americans don't even make that much money a year.
Look, I know that I'm a little low maintenance. I get my hair cut when I remember (or when my home snips start becoming too obvious), I don't get manicures (although I have presentable nails) and many items in my closet are years if not decades old. I don't resent other people spending money on this type of stuff instead of giving it to my charity to help my kids in Ghana. But when I see people spending ridiculous amounts on labels, the whole purpose of which is basically to advertise how much money they have, it gets me a little upset.
Just in case anyone with more money than conscience is taking time out of their busy spending to read this blog - either send me the money or give it to another worthy cause. You can't take it with you after all!
PS. And NO, I don't buy the feckin' argument that it's putting money back into the economy. It was probably made in a third world country where the wage is less than a dollar a day, and then there's the fact that it's made of alligator...... . It's still gross!

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