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Seminar at Visakhapatnam, Excursion to the Healing Centre and Ramadri

By Luphil

Since last Monday we are following the seminar with Sri Kumar. We – that is a group of 37 persons from the West, and we are here at the Retreat Centre of the WTT in Visakhapatnam.
The week passed by extremely fast. Monday evening we were received at the house of Sri Kumar for a sumptuous dinner in a leisurely atmosphere. The other days we had morning and afternoon lectures and good time for exchanges.


At the lecture


Sunrise seen from my balcony

Thursday early morning we were again at the house of Sri Kumar for meditation and fire ritual in his garden.



Afterwards the bus brought us to the Planetary Healing Centre, my favorite place here, a little paradise garden at the beach road north of Visakhapatnam. We sat under some cashew trees in front of an old Maitreya statue, which the group had beautifully garlanded and listened to the words of Sri Kumar. They were accompanied by the cra-cra of the ravens which were jumping about in the trees.




When we sung the mantra OM Namo Narayanaya and the Maitreya song together, I felt uplifted and thrilled by the magnetic ambiance.
At about 1 pm we assembled in the Healing Centre for a silent meditation of 15 minutes, listening to the continuous sound of OM being played in the hall. Sri Kumar had explained about the center before:

„The center is built with the inspiration of the Greek healer Asclepius in 1991. Asclepius was a great healer and he cured many incurable cases. He had a center in the nature where he was healing and teaching. There were people coming to get cured in the healing center. Three days and three nights the people were put to healing and were also given food that he distributed.
I was so inspired in Greece that when I came back to India a person wanted to have a good service activity I thought that we could do a similar work here and it was found in contemplation that this place was earlier used by a great saint who left healing energy in the place. It is also believed that in this state there is a snake with a gem in the hood. The place is dedicated to the Sun God. The temple is seven times 7 feet in diameters and 7 times 7 high and again a 7 feet cupola. Inside the temple there are 7 circles where you can sit and meditate. In the center the pillar is of 7 inches. In the place there is a sphere from Iguazu falls. We got it here at 1st January 1995 and the temple was inaugurated. People come and meditate here. The only sound used in the temple is the sacred sound OM. Every year we do a class here, we pray and have our food to relate to the place.





And so it was also this year. After lunch and siesta we sat under the trees talking, and some of us went to the nearby ocean to have a swim or walk along the sandy beach.

Later in the afternoon the bus brought us to Ramadri, the place of Rama. Over the years the World Teacher Trust has developed the site lying at the foot of a hill slope overlooking the Bay of Bengal. A powerful atmosphere has been created there through some mantric and ritualistic work.



A huge statue of Hanuman, blessing the onlookers – with the moon in its 7th ascending phase above the head.

There is now a little school maintained by the group where village children are given free schooling and food. A growing number of cows is maintained there as a cow worship and to give milk for the children and the villagers.


And there are many little shrines and statues all over the place with beautiful flowers, especially Tulsi, the holy basil, Banyan and Ficus Religiosa trees.


The Sun God riding on a chariot with 7 horses, the 7 rays of light


Sri Kumar and his wife planting some new Tulsi plants

We had some tea and sweets and afterwards at nightfall our evening meditation before we returned back home to Visakhapatnam.


At the evening meditation

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