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Seller of Discussed His 6 Figure Flip

Posted on the 04 February 2020 by Worldwide @thedomains

The domain name has had a few owners over the years. The domain is now owned by Brent Oxley and listed for sale. sold on Snapnames for $60,000 back in 2011. The company that bought the name back then sold the name to a Namepros member for high five figures and that member has now detailed his sale to Brent Oxley for six figures. Member NetworkPearl explained:

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. I have finally decided to discuss my sale of write./com which took place in the end of nov 2019 (on my birthday)
The domain was bought from a software company with whome I have dealt before. I had purchased the domain for high 5 figs and initialliy as a long term investment.
Nevertheless, out of curiousity, I contacted a few people in the domain industry that I thought may have had an interest or so. I got several positive responses and a few offers in low 6 figs. I negotiated with one party and ended up selling on escrow. A friend of mine acted as the broker since he’s familiar with international payments etc.
Also, I would like to point out that timing is really important. The party who sold to me was actually running an online article related business on the domain which I think was closed somewhere in early 2019. They prolly bought the domain for $60k as per namebio records and still sold to me for a good profit . They certainly woudn’t have sold the domain to me if I had contacted them earlier.
One interesting thing I noticed yet again is that the price of domains tends to vary as per everyone’s perspective, the software company probably thought that high 5 figs was the perfect price for the domain. i saw the domain being undervalued but still was a risky investment for reseller price since I don’t like to keep a portfolio but I had a strong gut feeling that it would pan out to be fruitful. There’s a great saying, ” If you risk nothing then you risk everything.

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