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Sell Your Best Two Word.coms Priced at $500 Or Less

Posted on the 18 September 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains

This post is about two word .coms, and no there isn’t any expectation of anyone listing a premium well known two word phrase. Two word .coms are certainly one of the most requested domains wanted categories on Namepros so here is another outlet to promote and make a quick sale.

We usually do this post on a weekend but I started thinking a lot of people are enjoying their weekend and by the time the week starts the thread tends to get pushed down and many might miss it. The last post did bring about some sales, I picked up one name.

Post the best two word .com you are willing to sell right now with a $500 max price. Max 3 names listed only. There have been a few who have tried to post more names using a different email address/name same IP all submissions will be deleted if caught.

Names will get some added exposure on Twitter.

The post should consist of only three elements:

  • Name
  • Price
  • How to contact

So not to waste anyone’s precious time, any post that strays from this will be deleted. Examples:

  • More than 3 names listed
  • Not a two word .com
  • Critiquing another poster’s domain name.
  • Listing price over $500

No need to post or email why did my comment get deleted ? If your post does not look like Name, Fixed Price, Contact, it will be deleted.

A buyer can also just post sold in the comment section.

If you make a sale leaving a comment is appreciated.

Do not reply to someone else’s comment with your names.

Disclosure: has no involvement in any sale and does not make any recommendations on any name listed in this post. Do your own research on things such as value and intellectual property.

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