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Selfless Service

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Selfless Service
 I lost my 50 currency note.

I walked with a thousand ideas as to who would have written that notice?  She'd have asked everybody to rip that notice however none did.  I mentally thanked that individual and realized that people only need to feel the need to assist, there are many ways to perform it.  He/she merely needed to help this older girl who lives ...

I had been recommended to follow that speech and found an old hut in shatters with a elderly girl sitting outdoors.  She was brittle and inquired who's it, after my footsteps.

Someone stopped me asked,"Bro, will you assist me with this speech?  

I had been inquisitive to understand exactly what was written, therefore went nearer and saw it.  "I dropped Rs. 50 at some place on the street.  If some of you find it, then please give me at this address.  My eyesight is not good so please assist."

I said, it is OK amma you maintain it.  She requested me to rip that note on my way back again. 

She started crying on hearing .  She stated "My beloved I've had atleast 30-40 folks encounter and offer me Rs. 50 stating they discovered it on the street.  I didn't write that notice; I Can't even see properly nor don't know to write and read"

In my way, I discovered a bit of paper attached into a electrical pole, with a little note on it.  

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