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Selfie Stick – Your Personal Photographer!

Posted on the 09 February 2016 by Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

Clicking the picture when nobody is around is now made possible by smart phones. Taking the clicks in wider angle is also very easy now with the Selfie Stick. You can hold your phone at some distance with the help of Selfie Stick and click the pics covering the wider angle. The Selfie Sticks are becoming very popular all over the world as they have eliminated the need of photographer when you are touring or having fun with friends. has many designs in Selfie Sticks that would accommodate all types of phones.

How would Selfie Stick help?

There are many uses of Selfie Stick. Group photos can be clicked conveniently with this stick without finding any photographer. Other advantages of Selfie Stick are discussed under.

Complete Group Photo - None of your group members will have to stay out of frame just to click the picture. The Selfie Stick will hold the camera and picture can be clicked with the help of front camera. The auto click mode given in the front camera would click the picture in specified time. All you have to do is hold the camera at required distance via Selfie Stick and get the best click. The Bluetooth enabled sticks are also available in the market. These sticks will have button on one end and camera holder on other hand. You can click the picture by pressing the button on your holding hand. In this type of stick, the entire group would not have to rush for taking the right position as you can take your own time before clicking.

Selfie Stick Your Personal Photographer!
Selfie Stick – Your personal photographer!

Wider Angle - Selfie can be taken directly by holding the phone in hand too but the covered area would be less. You won't get the picture as required. Selfie Stick would offer you the wider angle. Normal selfie won't cover everyone if the group is large. You may not be able to cover the monument or tourist attraction on your backside when you take normal selfie. When you are on tour or visiting any historic place then Selfie Stick will be the right thing to click the complete photo. You can cover the entire place without calling for any help at unknown location.

Selfie Stick Your Personal Photographer!
Selfie Stick – Your personal photographer!

Portable - Tripod stand was also introduced years back but this stand has more of a professional use. The tripod used to be big and difficult to carry everywhere. You won't find the place for any bulky accessory in your luggage but Selfie Stick is different. It is designed to be compact and would fit in your purse, laptop bag, or the travel bag.

Lightweight - These sticks are low on weight. The good quality stick would be lightweight and durable. You may get many lightweight options on that would make it very easy to hold the phone even at distance.

There are many benefits of using this Selfie Stick and the best thing is that these sticks are available at very affordable price. Check out for the best products online for better offers.

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