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Self-Relationship: 10 Ways to Create a Happy Moment

By Nathan Feiles, Lmsw @therapynathan

imagesNo, this isn’t meant to be a cure for depression, but we all deserve a good moment. A happy moment can both break a string of negative moods, and it can also pave the way for more positive moments. Here are ten suggestions for putting ourselves in a good mood:

1) Listen to, or watch something funny. Laughter has a way of completely wiping out a negative mood.

2) Compliment people you don’t know. It’s amazing how a bit of genuine positive energy towards others can in turn make us feels good, too.

3) Laugh at yourself. We all can have a way of taking ourselves too seriously, at times. Sometimes just poking a little fun at ourselves with a little perspective can lighten us up.

4) Regress. Remember what it’s like to be a child? Don’t just sadly reminisce of the past, do something that takes you back to your childhood. Ride the go-karts, play kick ball, do an art project, ride a scooter, go on a scavenger hunt, go on the swings, etc. Allow yourself to be an eight-year old in an adult body.

5) Hold a baby. Another of nature’s wonders. Somehow holding a baby — anyone’s baby (as long as you have the parents’ permission!) — can make things seem so simple. For a moment, it’s possible to forget our troubles and retreat to the innocence of infancy.

6) Create a playlist of happy songs. Whichever songs are happy for you, have the playlist ready to go for when you could use a boost. Try to include songs from various positive points in your life, if possible.

7) Spend time in nature. Granted, not everybody may love the outdoors, but removing oneself from the indoor environment into fresh air can lift our moods. Whether you prefer to be around mountains, trees, lakes, deserts, beaches, etc., find a place that can change the environment and bring you some peace.

8) Treat yourself. Be careful with this one, especially if you’re someone who habitually spends and shops. This is more for people who tend to live lives of restraint. The point of this isn’t to go on a spree, as much as it’s to treat yourself to something you usually wouldn’t. This could be something as simple as an ice cream sundae, or allowing yourself to do an activity you may not usually do. Occasionally allowing ourselves a little bit of freedom for a treat is necessary so we don’t collapse under the weight of restraint.

9) Take a bath (or spend time in a jacuzzi). This is a often a great mood changer, especially if coming from a state of stress or anger. A warm bath can draw the blood flow away from the head and distribute it throughout the body, leading to both physical and mental relaxation (also can be good for stress headache relief).

10) Create your own joke or limerick. While this could fit in with “regression”, this gets its own mention because if you can make yourself laugh, you’re having a happy moment. Feel free to get crude and childish with your joke or limerick. No one has to appreciate it but you.

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