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Selected Ways of Earning Money Online Through Blogging

Posted on the 01 May 2013 by Abhinavblog

Selected Ways of Earning Money Online through BloggingWhen the age is Hi-tech, economy is digital, good jobs are online and PC is your virtual office, get ready to earn online. In this internet age, it is absolutely possible to make money online. You can either make a full-time income or supplement your income. It needs no investment, no recommendation, but proven talent to make money online. What you need is a payment protection insurance .One of the top ways to make money is via the internet where you can reach all professions and professionals around the world.

Some of the selected methods of earning money on internet are:

Affiliate Marketing

If you own a website or a blog and are interested to earn money from your online assets, think about affiliate marketing programs. It is a revenue sharing plan wherein an online automated marketing program allows Webmasters to place banner ads or buttons of advertisers on their own site. In turn, the Webmasters will get a referral commission or fee from conversions as and when a visitor clicks the affiliate link. The fact lies that the advertisers capitalize programs for the generation of leads and sales.
You can choose for one of the following affiliate marketing programs

• You can start an online content-Based Affiliate website. The most common examples would be blogs which are thematic and have square affiliate banners on the side.

• Another option is to create an online travel reservation portal to help people in booking tickets by air, train, bus, or car. Additionally, you can Offer tour or travel packages inclusive of hotel accommodation and transport facility.

• Start an affiliate website for a shopping mall including products of multiple businesses under one roof or sell products online like E-bay, Jabong etc.

• Provide users help in securing loans, advances, bank accounts and foreign exchange online.

Market Your Own Products or Services

• Create your site for selling your own products or services as selling products of other people cannot earn you more than a small percentage of profits.

• If photography is your hobby, you can photograph and sell the pictures of nature, birds, flowers, animals, books, events etc, to the websites like flicker or Fotolia.

• If you are good at writing interesting e-books on different topics, so that readers are lured to buy them by paying you online.

• You can sell crafts or painting online by uploading their videos or images and enticing visitors to buy them.

• If you are a web-designer with the knowledge of coding and programming you can earn a good amount of money by designing websites for the business according to their requirements. In these days of e-commerce every business needs a website to reach customers and promote its services and products.

• You can make money online by turning your website into an advertising podium for promoting products or services of other businesses. The advertising methods include selling some ad spots of your website, cost per thousand, Banners, pay per click, video ads etc.

• Are you an inquisitive writer then earning with blogs is a great SEO technique? Better create mouth-watering blogs with back links and URLs at the end of each blog and attract readers to visit it for more information and details.

• Open the site with necessary data and information about health or shopping or wedding or entertainment or studies etc, and sell that information as advice or opinion to your visitors as potential customers.

• Open an online Tutorials site for online Academic tuition or virtual dance or music or aerobics or yoga or computer classes and many more you can do. There is ever growing demand for online teachers these days.

Are you ready to offer a unique, new, entertaining and engaging shopping experience to your customers, then online income is an easy job for you.

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