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Seize the Day

By Nancymccarroll
Carpe diem, said Horace.  We did it.
Corn growing yesterday early morning, with the help of Gene's green thumb and God's good sun and water:
Seize the Day
And, later in the day, it was eaten an hour after cutting it from nine foot stalks:
Seize the Day
Seize the Day(the cosmos and coreopsis are now in full bloom)
A trip up to the mountains for lake fishing:
Seize the DayThis scenery was behind me at one spot where I fished. A bearded "mountain looking" guy came by on the trail and said that he had been angling directly across from us, near where beaver had cut down trees for a small dam.  He said he moved because he could hear pups nursing in the brush beside him but decided to quietly move on because he did not want to disturb the mother and pups.  He said he figured it was beaver pups, but did not even try to get a peek.  Now that is a considerate fisherman.
Seize the Daybreathtaking trees with the reflections mirrored on the lake
This little chipmunk kept crawling over my shoes and assortment box, trying to get into my trail mix.  Never did let him get a bite, though.  These creatures were seen frequently and had no fear of humans.  I suspect many people feed them, although it is not a park-approved practice.  This baby chipmunk was about six inches long.  He may have been the one to have stolen the top piece of bread from a bologna sandwich in a baggie, unbeknownst to Gene until he reached into the Ziplock to take a bite of lunch.
Seize the Day
Total catch for the day: two fish. One was a splake (a cross between a lake trout and a brook trout) and one was a rainbow trout. The splake is an oilier fish with redder meat than what a rainbow trout sports.  It was delicious, tasting somewhat like salmon.
Seize the DayBesides the corn and the fish, our dinner was completed with tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden, along with cilantro butter from Kepanie's Pinterest pin::
Seize the Day
That was our seizing of the day.

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