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Seeing Into The Unseen

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Seeing Into The Unseen

Of course, there are some of us who can see, feel, or know into the past, present and/or future along with other capacities linked to preternatural bestowment.

There are people who do not believe in the supernatural or that there are people who can prophet or foretell events and sense through means out of the ordinary range of scope known to the physical realm.

Whether some believe or not does not make the occurrence of ability untrue.

I am one who knows for a fact that something extraordinary exists among certain individuals as I was born with these types of spiritual gifts.

God himself is extraordinary/supernatural.

He does allow some of us to take peeks into the unknown and to see, know, discern, and communicate in ways that are not accessed by others.

In the same, no matter how far in capacity our faculties are developed or advanced we will never be able to see, know, or interpret everything. We are not supposed to.

God may show or allow us glimpses into the unknown through extrasensory means, but no one knows the future or outcome of event and how all things will play out but God.

Everyone has an expiration date. Tomorrow is not planned for anyone. God set a time for us to be born, a lifespan for us to live out, and the exact moment for us to transition.

Regardless of if we have a precognitive dream and know that someone will eventually give birth or that someone will die etc…. God is still the one in control and our present and future is totally in his hands.

We are to use our gifts as a source of insight, as a spiritual guide in certain areas.

We are to view our gifts as an example of God’s love, power, wonder, beauty, mystery and grace.

God’s gifts are irrevocable he will not take them away even when people use them maliciously or as an advantage over others within an unfair way.

Still, that does not give one the go-ahead to behave unscrupulously.

Throughout my life, from what I have encountered and experienced supernaturally from a child on up through the gift of second sight, is what contributed to my faith being so strong in the knowing of God.


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