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Second Language Learning is Vital in Developing Young Minds

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Language learning among young learners is greatly encouraged among language schools and other language enthusiasts. If you are an avid reader of the blogs of this page, various testimonies and good news has been posted as to how youngsters were able to become victorious in conquering language barriers. They were excellent in showing how they learn foreign languages, and it is not surprising that you can have the same victory as others had.

This time, let’s hear good news from learning foreign languages successfully for the second time around. As for Eton Institute, learning foreign languages is greatly encouraged.

This is the perfect time for such learning because for them, “learning foreign languages at an early age develops the cognitive skills and creativity in children.” Eton Institute is actually the largest professional training and language centre in the UAE. “Early childhood is the best time to introduce a second language to children, when they still possess the capacity to develop near native-like pronunciation and intonation in a new language,” they added.

Studies have been showing how children learning foreign languages in an early stage demonstrate certain cognitive advantages, compared to those children who are not learning at all. In fact, children who are sufficiently exposed to various languages at an early age are more flexible and creative. This case study is done by the Eton Institute itself. “Kids also are open and accepting of people who speak other languages and come from other cultures, teaching them cultural awareness at an early age.”

“Young children are natural language learners. Unlike adults, they are self-motivated to pick-up a language without conscious learning and have the ability to learn through play-like activities shared with adult or other multilingual children,” stated Moaz Khan, the marketing manger of Eton Institute.

So this is indeed good news for those who want facts as to how effective it is for children to learn foreign languages. If you are a parent and you find it suitable for your child to learn English at language school, let them be so. Besides, learn language is not the only advantage they could acquire from it. They will eventually become more versatile, equipped, and excellent in almost all aspects once they are exposed to language learning.

Make an inquiry in our page once you’ve decided to let your child learn foreign languages. We are glad to assist you.

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