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SEAMS Hand Cream Review

By Evette Garside @evette77
SEAMS hand cream review

I've been using this new hand cream recently that I was sent over from SEAMS beauty. Now normally I wouldn't have all that much to say about a hand cream but this one is different.

It's £14 for 75ml. Therefore a large tube which will last a long time. Scentwise it's lovely. A mild lavender aroma with Shea butter, so yes it smells like a delicate lavender soap.

The formula is non greasy as no one likes having greasy hands do they? It actually feels a lot like soap when rubbing into my hands too. It dries so quickly, In fact the closest thing I can compare this hand cream to, is probably liquid talc. If you've no idea what that is, then it's a talc product but in a cream formula (which makes no sense but..) that dries your skin just like powder talc, it's often used for babies. And that's how this stuff feels on my hands. Very fast drying with a soft smooth after feeling and lovely smell.

This handcream would work wonders for those who suffer with particularly dry hands and dry skin. It contains many natural oils and ingredients giving many much needed benefits to hard working tired hands. I imagine it could probably be used on other body parts too.

This can be purchased directly from the SEAMS beauty website.

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