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"Sculpture is the Art of the Hole and the Lump", The Rodin Museum

By Coreyamaro

Rodin - 1840/1917 - Pierre de Wissant - in the garden.

Rodin Museum

Rodin - The Thinker - in the garden

Rodin Museum


Rodin Museum

Rodin's sculpture of Eve.

Rodin Museum

Reflection in the mirror.

Rodin's Museum.

Rodin Museum

Rodin's museum alone, without any of his amazing work is a beauty in itself.

The reflection of the kiss in the round room's mirrors took my breath away.


(Photo source)

Rodin Museum

Rodin - Camille Claudel au Bonnet.

Rodin Museum

The source of light and shadow inside the museum, was fascinating, especially given the passion that existed between Rodin and Camille. The fury of creation that comes when one has a muse, a lover, who also shares the same creative energy...

The freedom and the chain.

The softness of the petal, the sting of the thorn.


photo source Wiki, Camille Claudel

The French film of Camille and Rodin can be seen here:

Rodin Museum

Rodin Museum

The soft play of natural light gave these two sculptures a haunting feel.

Online eBook by Rainer Marie Rilke about Auguste Rodin can be found here:

Rodin Museum

The reflection in the mirror.

What we see, or care to see.

Different angles, perception... view point.

What we bring forth from stone, what we bring forth from our own hands, hearts and eventually our lives.

Rodin Museum

The source of his inspiration, the human body. Unlocking the soul from the stone.

Rodin Museum

The Kiss



Photo Source

Rodin Museum

Rodin Museum

Sacred hearts, flaming hearts, burning love carved at the base of a column.

Rodin Museum

A peek inside the Rodin Museum. 

The stairwell at the entrance.

Rodin Museum

Beautiful isn't it?

Rodin Museum

"Sculpture is the art of the hole and the lump." Rodin

And the eyes and hands to bring it to life.

Rodin Museum

So there I was with my sell phone taking photos.

At times like this I wish I had hauled my camera, but as I am trying to go a year with just my cell phone to take photos, I found myself observing and trying to figure out how to capture what I see with the less bulk though with less possiblities with only my cell phone.

How I wished I could be inside that museum, or Monet's garden, or anywhere lately that I have been in or nearby Paris without anyone around so that I wouldn't have to pray for patience as I waited and waited to have a shot without anyone around. 

Rodin Museum

The Kiss Rodin Museum

And for the brief moment that I was nearly alone in the room that held "The Kiss", time seem to stand still as I felt the eternity of that moment.

Rodin's Boutique Online

For more information about the Rodin Museum

follow this link by clicking here.


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