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Scrapbook Paper & Bird Houses

By Kristin1219 @kristinmarie55
This past weekend,  I was searching for new art projects to try for myself to do at home.  A few weeks ago I had bought these miniature $1 wooden birdhouses at a craft store and set them aside for a rainy day.  Although--the most creative thing I could think to do was paint them with watercolor paints.  As I was scanning through online articles and art blogs one evening a week ago,  I came across a page that used scrapbook paper for different crafts other then scrapbooking...and ah ha! THAT is a creative idea to use on mini bird houses!
So from there,  I had to collect my super glue, scissors, tape measure, and water color paints. I measured around the bird houses and from top to bottom and cut out the piece.  Instead of measuring the opening and the little peg on the bird houses,  I rubbed the part of the paper that lay over those spots a little and it left an inprint...perfect as a guide to cut out those spots without any annoying, time consuming measuring.  I then set aside the cut pieces of paper and dug out the water colors,  coloring the roof, base and the stand.  I chose water colors because they glide really really well and they dry super fast! A few minutes later I was ready to use some super glue and place the paper I had just cut over the bird house....although,  super glue was a huge pain because even the slightest shift or skin contact and it was a mess.  Its hard to get the paper accurate using such a quick adhesive.  After that was on...I gave it a quick spray with some glossy sealer and that was it! They are a great little decoration for any home,  I put them on a wooden shelf in my kitchen and they look so cute!  Not to mention they are quick and easy!  Here's a view of 3 I made.... 
Scrapbook Paper & Bird HousesScrapbook Paper & Bird HousesScrapbook Paper & Bird Houses
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