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Scrabble in Tempe

By Nancymccarroll
A Sonnet to a Scrabble Tournament
It's off to Scrabble Thursday I will goTo Tempe where the clime is very hotTo try and put together words that flowAnd maybe use some words that I'd forgot.
Surprising those opponents ever newUsing high value tiles, oh please, oh please!With words that from their mem'ries maybe flewTo fling down on the board...effortless ease
Just let him challenge esoteric wordsOnly to see the challenge not prevailFor nontheless we are all wordy nerdsAnd each time Z Z Va might say "no fail"
So wish me luck on February gamesAnd also bring to others goodly fames.
* (Z Z VA is a computerized word judge showing either "acceptable" or "non acceptable" words in play)
Scrabble in TempeMore about the make up of a sonnet here

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