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SCOTUS Unanimously Rebukes Obama's Lawlessness

Posted on the 26 June 2014 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

This, this is hope and change to believe in:

The Supreme Court on Thursday dealt a significant blow to executive power, cutting back on the Obama_rebukedpresident’s power to issue recess appointments during brief breaks in the Senate’s work.

The court ruled unanimously that President Obama had violated the Constitution in 2012 by appointing officials to the National Labor Relations Board during a short break in the Senate’s work when the chamber was convening every three days in pro forma sessions. Those breaks were too short, Justice Stephen G. Breyer wrote in a majority opinion joined by the court’s four more liberal members.

The Supreme Court was finished handing defeats to Obama and his co-ideologues:

The Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously struck down a Massachusetts law that barred protests near abortion clinics.

The law, enacted in 2007, created 35-foot buffer zones around entrances to abortion clinics. State officials said the law was a response to a history of harassment and violence at abortion clinics in Massachusetts, including a shooting rampage at two facilities in 1994.

The law was challenged on First Amendment grounds by opponents of abortion who said they sought to have quiet conversations with women entering clinics to tell them about alternatives to abortion.

The court was unanimous about the bottom line but divided on the reasoning.

Two unanimous blows to this administration.

Tis a good day for America.

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