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Scottish Government Jumps on the New Gtld Train

Posted on the 18 February 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains


Scottish Government switches to a .Scot domain

Herald Scotland published an article that the Scottish government is switching to a .Scot domain with the older continuing to function. It makes sense not to do away with the old address which I would imagine will eventually become a redirect.

From the article:

THE Scottish Government has switched its website to a new “dot Scot” internet domain address.

The site will be accessed via, though the old address will continue to function.

The move, signalled last year, marks a shift away from standard UK government web addresses which end ‘’.

But the Scottish Government wanted to support the new .scot domain, which aims to Scottish identity and culture around the world.

More than 8000 addresses have been sold to individuals and organisations since they became available last September.

Read the full article on Herald Scotland

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