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Scott Brown To Run In New Hampshire? Seriously?

Posted on the 05 April 2013 by Polliticstoday @polliticstoday

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Here’s a bit of news that has greatly confused me today.  Remember Scott Brown, the former Senator of Massachusetts?  Okay, better question, how could you honestly forget about him?

Well after surprisingly turning down the chance to run for a Senate seat in Massachusetts, Brown decided to take a different route which included lobbying and being a Fox News talking head.  It was a bit of a shock considering how Brown portrayed himself as a normal, everyday type of guy who had moderate politics.  He also played that role very well and might’ve been considered one of the most savviest politicians serving in office.

But for some reason it appears that Scott Brown just wants to dismantle every single thing about him that made him likable.  After substitute hosting for Bill O’Reilly on Monday (seriously), rumors have come out that he might very well be running for the Senate in 2014.

This time however, it would be in New Hampshire as opposed to Massachusetts.  You read that right, New Hampshire.  Now on the surface this doesn’t appear to be that big of a deal.  He didn’t exactly sound like he was completely all in, but he at least continued to stoke speculation which is what a politician does.

Also New Hampshire does have a first-term senator in Jeanne Shaheen that while popular could have a tough battle against Brown.  Also a potential move isn’t all that far given how the Boston media markets tend to saturate the southern portion of New Hampshire; just ask Mitt Romney.

But considering that Brown should probably make a move sooner rather than later, the timing of this seems rather fishy.  If Hillary Clinton received some flak for being a “carpetbagger” in New York, there is no way that Brown will be able to taken as seriously considering he spent his “retirement” (more like forced retirement) either lobbying or speaking on Fox News; two things that tarnish his moderate, everyday image.

Then when you add in the claims of “carpetbagger” to Brown, then you are looking at someone who has to completely reinvent themselves to a brand-new electorate.  While yes, New Hampshire is far more promising for a moderate Republican than Massachusetts, it is still a risk that reeks of political desperation.  Then again, considering he has co-hosted for Bill O’Reilly, maybe that desperation has already taken place.

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