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Scorpio – The Journey of the Disciple

By Luphil

The vital energy resting at the Muladhara, the base center is called kundalini or serpent power. It is symbolically represented as a serpent wrapped three and a half times around the base center. The coils of the serpent represent the physical, the astral and the lower half of the mental plane of our existence.

On the path of ascension, the journey of the disciple, the serpent crawling on the ground rises and becomes a winged serpent, an eagle. The path of Kundalini goes from the base (Muladhara) to the head center (Sahasrara). When the kundalini releases itself from the bond of dense matter, the energy rises through the spine. The inner side of the spine can be visualized as a radiant line of force – an electric blue color. This is the essential energy of our Self as awareness and light.

The painting shows the ascent of consciousness from imprisonment in matter to liberation into the vastness of spirit. The base center at the bottom of the picture was designed with the help of the photo of a petunia. The coils of the serpent are indicated by coloured layers, for which I used a Nasa photo of the Cassini probe from the north pole of Saturn. From the base center rises a pillar of light, out of which a bluish shining eagle emerges in the upper part. On the left side you see the constellation Scorpio and on the right side Scorpio’s glyph.

The symbolism of Scorpio is visualised in the eleven Scorpio paintings done between 2010 and 2020. For detailed detailed descriptions please see the website.

Scorpio – The Journey of the Disciple
23 July 2020, pencils and photo work

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