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Scoped Out: Russians Like Vodka, This Lady Likes a Russian

By Periscope @periscopepost

Scoped out: Russians like vodka, this lady likes a Russian

Like the Vodka. Photo credit: Oliver Wales,

In honor of Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin’s recent presidential win and his subsequent tears, which, like phoenix tears, are known to have healing properties, we bring you conversations with another Russian strongman: Stephanie Smirnov’s Russian husband.

Smirnov, nee Sage, is the author of Like The Vodka, a very funny blog about being married to a Russian man. Check out this post, regarding said Russian’s toothache and attempted home remedies: Clove oil, beets, jackrabbits, goose grass, spells.

Because domestic bliss should come with vodka, really.

Today’s Scoped Out was brought to you by our resident Russian expert and writer, Hannah Davies.

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