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Scoped Out: Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses

By Periscope @periscopepost

Jason Statham looking very like a mattress

The background

We’ve had Boris Johnson looking like an orangutang. David Mitchell looking like a koala. Benedict Cumberbatch looking like an otter. And Kim Jong-il looking… at things. But now, your wildest dreams have been answered – yes, roll up for Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses!

Left in front of a council house

Here you can see Jason Statham looking like an old bit of bedding! Mickey Rourke looking like something that’s been dumped in the park! The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh looking as if they’ve been left in front of a council house! Periscope recommends that you go and have a look. It will make you happy.

Scoped Out: Celebrities that look like mattresses

David Mitchell... looking like a mattress


Scoped Out: Celebrities that look like mattresses

Alan Cumming... looking like a mattress

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